Triangle Sign - Reading Palmistry

Triangle Sign - Reading Palmistry  

Palmistry art says if a triangle is farmed by clear flawless and deep lines each considered benevolent the size of triangle is directly related to good result and good fortune. If the triangle is big its benefit and good luck are also enormous. 

"Sign of Triangle" on any Palm
Triangle found in the mid palm indicates that the person is very lucky, theist and progressive his physical and mental activities are pious. Such a person is calm and amiable. He is honored in the society.

Sign of Square on the Palm - Palmistry Reading   Sign of Square on the Palm: Hand Reading 

Square is a very auspicious sign which is really not easy to observe on every hand. Since square is considered as beneficial in many case because it is related to Education, Higher Authority, Honor, Love and relationships

If any mark of Square is present on mount of Jupiter, then surely you will become a successful administrator. Your fame and honor will spread throughout the world as you rise to very high post although you are born in an ordinary family.

Reading Nails in Palmistry
As per the study of Palmistry, it's possible to know about soundness of health, emotional state, as well as personality trait, through nails. Color of nails and moon on it revel quality of blood and circulation of oxygen level in bloodstream. Even doctors do check nails for diagnosis of blood level. Palmistry can even determine, how fortunate a person is, by observing nails. Classification of nails with respect to their color and spots are mentioned below: 

Mount of Jupiter: while reading palm it is really very important to observe the Mount of Jupiter as it is related to Educational achievements, honors, Spirituality, Government Services, leadership, organization and Authority and willingness. 

It plays a very special role in success of any individual in his or her work field. In Indian astrology Jupiter is known as the GURU because it is a benevolent planet, And considered as a very auspicious planet.

Mount of Guru (Jupiter) can be located at the base of index finger of any person.

If the mount of Jupiter is well developed, on any individuals hand, than that individual will become very spiritual and posses a natural Qualities

They will become really very religious minded and most of the time they would try to help others for the betterment of the society.

They always start with great confidence and always success. They get easily respected and recognized by the society because of their polite and helpful nature.

They will have high self respect for them self.  Without getting disturbed in any condition.
If the mount of Jupiter is less developed, or underdeveloped, than it makes a person physically ordinary, healthy and have a smiling face.

They will be expert in reading and public speaking. They will be more interested towards respect rather than wealth. With soft hearted and always love nature. And will have their special qualities of authority and leadership which will get them success in their life easily.

If the mount of Jupiter is overdeveloped on any person’s palm than it indicates, his selfish attitude, proud nature and difficulties in success.
In absence of the Mount of Jupiter the person will always desire for self respect. Person will have very low ideas and belong to a lower category and always get difficulties life.

If the mount of Jupiter is well developed and the fingers are pointed than such people becomes very superstitious.

As we would advise, carefully observe all the unseen sings before any analyze, to get the accurate reading.

Education Line on Hand - Reading Palmistry

Line of Education on Palm: Reading

Everyone know that education in the largest sense, is any act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character or physical ability of an individual, education is the lifelong process that keeps educating throughout anyone's life. 

In the study of palmistry, a palmist can observe the line of education which indicates the level of education, that any individual gets in his or her life.

The education line originates between the Finger of Saturn and the Finger of Apollo on the palm, and it proceeds ahead leaning over the Mount of Sun.  Those individuals having education line, gets full success in the field of education, no matter whatever course they take in their life.

Sometimes, it has been found that person who have education line present on their hand, do not get their formal higher education, yet they are very wise and intelligent in most of their concerns. Most of them are Honored in the civilized Society just due to their present sense of living, understanding, wisdom, and the contribution towards the society. 

The line of education makes any person to get success in their lives easily, because they get widely accepted and recognized by their society where they serves, because of the lines that are presents on their palm.

It is well to observe the palm carefully, before telling the hand analyzed report to the person. Palmistry is a art of telling the fortunes through observing, analyzing and calculating the shapes, lines, signs and other marks on the hand, so it should be done as per the rules.

Palmistry Hand - Businessman Hand lines

Palmistry: Successful Businessman Hands

As per the palmistry, Lines Present on your Hand plays very important role towards everything. your Personal, Educational, Social, Professional and Business Life all depends on condition of the Lines, Signs and other marks which are found on your Hand. 
These lines or other marks which are Present on your hand can provide you with lots of opportunity in life related to Childhood, Higher Education, High Post and Success in Profession or Business, Peaceful Family and relationship and so on. 

According to the Palmist For Success in Business you need to have a special line or Sign on your Palm and in business only those people success who have these lines or Signs on their palm.


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