Astrology Learning and Predicting by Panchang & Nakshatra: 
To understand the astrology learning and make predictions based on Panchang & Nakshatra you will need to understand how the "Nakshatra" influence your life. The information, such as, the Panchanga (Hindu calendar) and the best Muhurata (Date & Time) for doing any great events happenings. 

With the help of knowledge of Panchang & Nakshatra, you could predict your complete future, with respect to your personal attitude, nature, physical features, character, education, sources of earnings, profession, promotions, family life, health, wealth, career, or  even positive and negative traits. 

The Panchang and Nakshatra can also provide the details about the best times for successful ventures such as starting a business, buying a home, marriage or even investing in the Stock Market. The Panchang and Nakshtra could possibly make your life more prosperous with respect to health, wealth and career than ever before. 

You could make your future more beautiful and happier by averting the misshapen by the action taken in the right time and also by wearing Gems, Yantras, chanting Mantras and Prayers. Because it is always said that success comes only with the right actions at the right timing. 

And the secret of Astrology is the 'timing'.You can make your life more prosperous, wealthy and happier than ever before. You can gain your wisdom through knowledge of Panchang and Nakshatra and how they influences by understanding the power and status by using your own cycles that empower you toward success. 

So, avoid problems before they happens by knowing the right time to act. And, be comfortable with the gift provided by this universe, as we deserve them.

If you are really so interested in knowing the prospective tools to make your life more rewarding, and wish to pictures your love life, or want to discover your financial fortunes in life, or even need to point out the secrets of future.

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Ayurvedic Astrology and Self-Healing Through the Stars: The Ayurvedic Medicines represents the healing branch of yogic science, and while Vedic astrology provides its understanding of time and karma. 

In Ayurvedic Astrology teaches the interface of these two extraordinary systems in the Vedic astrology of healing. 

In Ayurvedic Astrology it explains how the different mind-body and planetary types of the two systems interrelate. 

The Ayurvedic Astrology system examines disease factors from an astrological perspective and goes into depth into astrological remedial measures, particularly gem therapy.

If you are interested in learning more about the art of Ayurvedic Astrology for Self-Healing through the power of Stars, than get this book by David Frawley  (Author). This book focus on the important aspects of Ayurvedic Astrology.

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The Secret Language of Birthdays: A wholly unique compilation that reveals one's strengths, weaknesses, and major issues while providing practical advice and spiritual guidance by combining astrology, numerology, and pure psychic intuition.

The Secret Language of Birthdays is a fascinating book that describes the basic characteristics associated with anyone being born on a particular day. 

The personality profiles are based on astrology, numerology, the tarot, and observations of more than thousands of people. 

This book could help you in finding your strengths, weaknesses, and major concerns would be illuminated while you are given practical advice and spiritual guidance through this book. 

This book will help you in studying your profile, and even love to examine your family, friends, colleagues, and even celebrities.

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Art and Science of Hand Reading: The Art and Science of Hand Reading is a classical methods for self-discovery through the art and science of Palmistry, that speaks an universal language. Do you believe in Palmistry? Do you believe that your hand tells your story about your talents, your relationships, your health, and even how you feel about yourself. 

If you do believe in the art and science of palmistry, then you must know it could reveal periods of ease or challenge in your life, and it speaks about your weaknesses and the even all those traits you need to develop. As you change, your hands also do change it reflects the progress you have made in you life till now! 

To be able to utilize this ancient art and science of reveling the fate you will have to under stand the basics of palm reading the character traits and personality archetypes associated with each of the mounts on the palm and even should learn about how to determine the most influential in the nature of the individual. 

In the art and science of Palm Reading the mount archetypes reveals the lifestyle, love, sex, relationship, and marriage preferences; the best career choices; and the unique strengths and weaknesses for each person.

To examine all the factors that enhances the qualities of any individual's life, it is important to analyse the mount types, the flexibility of the hand, texture of the skin, and the shapes of the fingers, fingertips, thumb, and even nails

Because the meaning of each major and minor lines present on the hand is described in details as well as that always influences the person’s mind, health, relationship and career, and even healing defects and obstacles found on their lines. 

If you are interested in learning art and science of hand reading in a classical methods for self-discovery through the knowledge of Palmistry then get this book by Ellen Goldberg, and Dorian Bergen (Author).

Sign of Cross - Palmistry Reading

Sign of Cross - Palmistry Reading 

In Palmistry any sign of cross on any other mount excepting that of Jupiter, then the mounts indicates opposite results. And gives negative impact on person’s life his personal, social, financial and spiritual parts get affected. 

If there is a cross over the region of Jupiter, then the man leads a happy and joyful life. He does work after a lot of consideration. His wife is educated, he gets wealth from his in-laws his domestic life is happy and peaceful. 

Marriage line or Love line: Palmistry Lines

As per the palmistry point of view, a clear printed Marriage line characterizes not only marriage itself but also close relationships and partnership. The number of lines shows a number of people whom a person has relationships with or will have in future. Unclear hardly printed lines displays a number of small intrigues of no importance in a person's life, relationship. 

Marriage line is indicated by the little line that are located just below the base of the little finger. Several light lines in this area will indicate romances. The lines that are strong and clear in this area will indicate marriage. The closer the lines are to the base of the little finger, the later in life these marriages will be depends on the other lines, mounts, signs and spots found on palm. 

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