Mount of Mars on Palm: Hand Analyse

According to the ancient science of palmistry, Mars is connected with the Courage, Power Administration, arms, wars and leadership. There are two Mounts of mars on the palm that is Progressive Mars and Regressive Mars. Progressive mars can be located under the mount of mercury, along the percussion; in a normal hand it occupies the space between the Head line and the Heart line. When this mount is at normal position it indicates courage and obstinacy.

Surrounded part below the starting point of life line and above the mount of Venus is known as the mount of Regressive Mars which is really Indication of war and Courage. Person with well developed mount of mars are courageous, Fearless and of Powerful nature. They are brave and such person has balance in their life.

Person with well developed mount of mars are tall and muscular with a courageous quality in them. They can be of administrative skill and competent leader of the society.

If the mount of Mars is very much prominent than, such person easily get all the qualities of a Villain and involve in criminal cases. They always think against social activities. They always ready to fight and become quarrelsome. They will have all the evil qualities.

If the mount of Mars is leaning towards the mount of Venus, Then the person will become a liars and crafty person. They are adept of getting their work done by force rather than sweet words. They get addicted to the quarrel nature.  In other word they do not play any important role for the society and hardly get success in their life, because of their impolite and harsh attitude.

If the mount of mars is well developed, and the palm is of reddish color, than such person will certain to reach a high position. Always get success in his plans with his own effort and struggle.

If the mount of Mars is well developed and color is yellow, than it shows a tendency towards crime. And always think against the social activities.

If the mount of Mars is absent on the palm, than the person is considered as coward and really becomes courage less by nature and hard to get Success in life.

Infect according to the art of palmistry, a man becomes courageous, fearless and powerful by the presence of mount of mars. so it is really very important for any palmist to observe the mount carefully before reading.


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