About Thumb!

We already know, the short, thick finger on the side of our hand, that sets lower and apart from the other four fingers, is our thumb.

Thumb is considered as the most important part of our hand, and it’s really very difficult to think of doing anything without the need of using thumb.

Our thumb makes it possible for us to hold and pick things up, and work easily. Thumb in a way represents the whole hand, and importance of fingers without thumb becomes zero. 

The thumb has direct connection with the mind, which is also in a position to indicate power, energy, and personality of a human. 

Thumb in Palmistry!

Since, we know thumb in a way to represent the whole hand. Hence, more importance is attached to the thumb in palmistry - hand readings, than to the lines, marks, and patterns on the palm.

In the theory of palmistry, thumb is believed to show individuals' relation with love, logic and will power. It possesses a unique and wide range of motion, opposite to the hand's other fingers. 

If it is short, it makes individual emotionally unsettled. If it is long, it shows ability and energy to do things in life. If thumb is thick, it makes an individual forceful, and softness makes artist.

In palmistry, thumb is generally divided into 3 parts:

1. Upper - Power
2. Middle - Logic
3. Lower - Love

The Upper Part of Thumb in Palmistry: 

The first part of thumb is considered to indicate will-power in palmistry. A person whose upper part of the thumb is longer than the middle part has strong will power and these people are independent in taking decisions. 

They don't like subordination of others. These people, whose upper part of the thumb is longer, than other parts, have deep faith in religious thoughts. 

Their own individuality becomes so attractive and strong that anyone can get influenced by them. It is also believed, they easily get name, fame, and respect in their society. 

They neither cheat anyone nor get cheated by anyone. They make many friends in their life, and also get respected position in their society, when in older age.

The Middle Part of Thumb in Palmistry:

Middle part of the thumb is believed to be the place for power-of-logic. If this part is longer than upper part, it makes an individual full of logic and speciality, they won't let anyone stand in front of their logic and reasoning skills.

These people don't get as much respect in their society - as they always try to get just and unjust things accepted by reasoning. Sometime, when they fail, lacking in logic, they try to prove themselves by making crying and hue.

If the upper and middle parts of thumb is equal in length, shape and size in anyone's hand, than those people are said to be the best. Because of their thumb as per palmistry.

They get excellent ability of will power and logic, making them very special in society. They always take decision with care and do anything which is acceptable. 

They can be a cultured businessman or at a responsible position in government organisation, or even they could be an artist.

The Lower Part of Thumb in Palmistry: 

The third position of thumb is lower part, that is exactly the place of Venus. Which is considered, has a part that represents love and relationship among family and friends. 

The lower part depends on the Mount of Venus. A prominent, smooth, elegant and pink colour of this region is considered beneficial under palmistry hand reading theories. 

If this part is prominent, smooth, elegant and pink, than it shows love matters, affection and relationship bonding, if this part is developed in balanced way, than everything works smoothly.

In palmistry an individual’s thumb plays a very special role. And for a palmist it’s really very important to observe the thumbs carefully, as the thumb reflects the whole individuality of a person.

This is what believed about our thumb, in the art of hand reading - palmistry, from the beginning!


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