Ancient Astrology & Science 

Astrology is an ancient science which describes the influence of the heavenly bodies upon mundane affairs and upon human body and life. 

Astrology has played an important role in the shaping of culture, early astronomy, the Vedas, and various disciplines throughout history. 

The main traditions used by modern astrologers are Hindu Astrology , Western astrology, and Chinese astrology.

Astrology is a study of the effects of the solar Currents on the living things on the earth and the human life. It is a study which tells the truth about human. astrology points out the potentialities, capabilities and limitations of the individual. 

With the help of astrology we can point out the weak  spots in our characters and shows us the reason why we are not successful in our endeavors in life. 

With the help of astrology it is possible for us to focus on our work or what kind of work we are best fitted, and easily find out the best opportunity which will come our way with the study of the planets and their position in the Solar system.

Astrology points out the best and shortest and safest route to a given goal.  it makes possible for us to analyse and diagnose our-self. and with the help of astrology, we may use our intelligence and free will both to avert dangers and to convert opportunity to our advantage.

Astrology is the emancipator from ignorance which helps the individual to understand himself, and also to understands one's fellowmen better, and to be more sympathetic and more tolerant. the whole Astrology system works on Solar System and stars which represents different zodiac signs

Zodiac: The Sun and the Moon move among the stars along a belt. and they do not go beyond a certain width on either side of the central line of motion. all the planets confine their lateral movements to this belt. this belt in known as the Zodiac.

Zodiac is circular in shape, and the circumference of the zodiacal belt contain 360 degree; consequently each house or sign contains 30 degrees. the 12 equal parts, called signs of the Zodiac, which represented by imaginary figures and they affect the body, the character, the disposition, and the mental and moral attribute, as well as possibilities and limitations of every phase of destiny with which each individual is confronted in his or her journey through life.

The House of the Zodiac are represented by the chart in a Horoscope and their Lord.
Following are the names of the 12 signs in Hindu System, as well as the western system and their Symbols.

In Hindu System of Astrology Zodiac is represented as follows:


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