Palmistry Hands Reading!

Palmistry is a popular practice for telling fortunes around the world, in many culture, and tradition palmistry is well recognised and they have some old scriptures related to the art & science of hand reading.

In palmistry from the wrist (The Bracelets) up to the end of the middle finger is termed as palm, and its really amazing to observe palm of any person, because each and every hand are not same types.

They have different life stories hidden behind lines on any palm, and the signs founds on the hand. For any palmist it is really very important to observe, which type of hand he/ she is holding or compare the hand, fingers & thumb combination before reading any hand as per the palmistry rules.

Types of Hand in Palmistry Reading:

Generally, in the science of palmistry there are different kinds of hand, as mentioned below.

1. Water hand
2. Fire hand
3. Earth hand
4. Air hand and
5. Mixed Hand

Water Hand in Palmistry:

The first type of hand is water composed with soft dedication, it has long palm long slim fingers, enmeshed with fine lines, these kinds of hands are soft and smooth, which is associated with insecure feelings, and shows over emotional part of an individual in every aspect of life.

It is said that their personal as well as professional life also suffers but due to their strong intellect, they can be full of excellent intellectual skills.

Water hand people are also known to be a highly imaginative, because they always keep dreaming or imagining about those things which requires imagination and creativity sights. 

Sometime it happens that they dream a lot and work less. Water hand people are extremely sensitive to external conditions, these are really very sympathetic to others in society, and they care for poor people or contribute in development for the needy.

Fire Hand in Palmistry:

There are few hands composed as square long palm, short fingers and smooth skin are known as fire hands. Fire hands are associated with an energetic attitude.

These people are full of energy and have enough fire inside to do anything new that amazes. Sometime they become very impetuous type for the others around them.

Fire hand people are seems to be have more intuitive than intellectual. As a result they could create so many obstacles in their life and for their family just because of their intuitive nature. 

These people are more creative in practical way rather than imagination. They are always excited and they try to make environment excitable around them. 

They can some time get easily run into an excessive emotion as well as, Sometime fire hand people are also called 'intuitive' or 'impulsive' hand.

Earth Hand in Palmistry: 

These types of hand are composed with heavy skins and bones, having square palm size with thick and short fingers, on palms lines are dark and engraved deeply marked and very few in number. 

These people are associated with well balanced and reliable nature. These people have more intellectual than intuitive attitude; 

they are very Tenacious honest and very practical and dependable in nature for others around them. Earth hand people are also known for their inert and slow starting. 

They are not much imaginative by their nature inside like others, they believe in true work. And always try to get the work done with accuracy. 

Sometimes these people can become very violent too some points. As an individual these people plays really very important role for the whole community and the development.

Air Hand in Palmistry:

These hand are composed with long bones and flexible fingers, joints of all the bones are of equal proportion and such hands can be easily recognised with help of their fingers, their fingers will be thin, long, artistic and well formed.

Sometimes engraved with deeply etched lines, these people are very well balanced and reliable type in the world. These people are know to be a lord of intellectual and as well as intuitive nature. 

Generally, profoundly distrustful of emotional values, sometimes they become quick-Witted too. Air type hand person are also known as good communicator. They can be a leader or a politician. Person with this hand type will be mostly truthful but can be devious.

Mixed Hand in Palmistry: 

Mixed hand person will be of mixture type of characteristics and behaviour like their hand. The mind of such person will be uncertain, they soon become hopeless, if they don’t succeed in doing a particular work, for this reason, they become self-centred. 

They will be changeable and versatile to such an extant, that they lack definite purpose in their life, and easily get defamed.

Many times mixed hand type people often lacks mental disposition for reflection and deep thought. Mixed hand person can have great result out of their life if they utilise their ability in a potential way to the well being of the society and their life. 

They have all the aspects of good and band, that can be known and learnt by the person to control bad sides and appreciate the good side of their humanity.


These are the most known hand types in palmistry studies, this techniques for observing hands get utilised by many palmists around the world. You can too try to look into this if you are interested in learning the art of palmistry, just to impress others. 

But, that all depends on the nature and faith, if you believe in the the art of palm reading, and astrology, or any other study such as numerology, or tarot cards reading, etc.

Let us know, what do you think about these hand types as per the study of palmistry, via the comment section.


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