Mount Of Venus on Palm: Hand Reading

The Goddess of Beauty in Greek is located below the thumb and surrounded by the age line is known as the Mount of Venus according to the palmistry. 

If the mount of the Venus is highly developed than the person would be a beauty lover and perfectly civilized. Such person is very healthy and they can influence other by their personality. And full of confidence.

If the mount of Venus is not developed in a proper way, than he would be a coward person and have weak nature. And always be a licentious.

If the mount is absent on the palm, than he lives like an ascetic or a mendicant or has no interest in family and friends. if the mount of Venus is well developed and the brain line is not excellent than, such person always get failure in love and relationship and get bad name for that in their society because they become such person get predominant in sex, they never get a successful love affair.

If the mount of Venus is well developed, than it makes a man of brilliant personality and handsome, he as such an attractive face that people get attracted towards him or her.

They will have artistic nature and always face difficulties, with a smiling face and always moves ahead toward their goals. They easily get success in society due to their attractive nature.

According to the palmistry if the palm is coarse and mount of Venus is very prominent than the person is sexy and licentious and always thinks about the worldly pleasures. And if the mount is very prominent and the palm is smooth, than the person will become a successful lover or a poet.

According to many palmists, if the mount of Venus is absent on any palm, than that person's life will be full of troubles. He will not be able to establish a successful relationship with any partner.

Infect it is truly said in palmistry, only the person with well developed mount of Venus can enjoy the natural beauty of this world.


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