What is Palmistry?

Palmistry is an ancient art of telling health, wealth, love, and luck through the shapes, sizes, and presence of lines, marks and patterns on the palm of your hand.

Each hand tells its own story and for a palmist (who reads your hand) its really not tough to look in to an individuals past or future just by reading those  lines, marks and patterns on the palm. 

This ancient art and science of hand reading has had been getting developed by many people around the world. Initially. got developed in ancient India. 

But, in today's demanding technological era people are still interested and giving trust to the practice of hand reading for healing and fortune in poor life. 

We need to plan our future, and for this those who believe - go to Fortune Tellers like Palm Readers, Astrologers, Numerologists, Tarot Card Readers, Psyches, and etc.

Not only in modern days we believe them, but also in olden & golden days - many great people use to go to such specialists to get guidance, heal their lives, and find ways to fortune! 

What do our hand lines mean?

In the art of palm reading or hand prediction, to learn a person's personalities, fortune and future by analysing their hands, also called Chiromancy. Our hand lines mean a lot as per the palmists' theory.

Those who read our hand, say it is very clear for them to get the details about or past, present, as-well-as future only by reading the palm lines, marks and patterns on hands.

It is notable that, in palmistry reading, not only palms matter - but also every finger, thumb, and nails are equally important. For predicting health, wealth, and fortune, etc.

How do a palmist read your palm?

The palmist read your palm, by choosing your hand, they read your primary lines, secondary lines, mounts on planets, and other significant lines, marks and patterns on the palm.

It is believed that, lines belong to a Planet and the benefit or loss an individual can get through them, depends on the lines, marks and patterns the individual mounts - found on the palm of your hand.

In the art of palmistry reading, our palm  lines, marks and patterns, their condition, and presence on different planets' mount plays a very crucial and especial role. 

So, this is very important for a palmist to consider both hands in defining any individuals' life - for wealth, health, happiness, love, and luck, etc.

Which hand should be considered for palm reading?

There is the theory of an active hand and a passive hand. Our active hand is our dominant hand, whereas the passive hand is the non-dominant hand.

There is a theory that says, the left hand shows potential, while the right hand shows what we've done with that potential. 

Although, some palm readers believe that “the left is what the gods give us, the right is what we do with it”. 

It is also believed that, for females, the right hand is what they're born with, and left is what they've accumulated throughout their lives. But for males, it is the other way around.

Can our palm lines ever change?

According to the art of traditional palm reading theory and methods, the lines on our hands can change, significantly. Its not our future that changes palm lines, bur its the actual events after or as they appear.

It is theoretically beloved that, our dominant hand records all those events in our life - and because of that the hand where we would most likely see those changes. 

Not only lines, but also the marks and patterns on the palm of our hands, keeps changing, appearing, disappearing, and again appearing!

In astrology time and date of birth is required to get knowledge about an individuals' life, and to decide which horoscope sign they belongs to.

But in palmistry - hands are considered, and the whole prediction involves around the lines, marks and patterns found on the palm - matters!


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