What is Ring of Venus on Palm?

A line which originates between the index finger and the finger of Saturn and surrounds the mount of Sun and the mount of Saturn, ending in-between the little finger and the finger of Apollo, farming a ring is called the Ring of Venus.

According to the art of palmistry lines reading, it play a vital role in any individual's life force.

Persons with this ring are found to be weak and full of troubles. 

An individual having such ring, may have diseases of nerves system, very materialistic by nature full of mental worries, and never gets peace of mind in life.

The shape and size of the ring of Venus has immense impact s on the individual. 

What Ring of Vines on Palm really mean?

If this ring is wider enough then such a people is found to have spent all the deposited wealth of his ancestors. Such persons are very quick in love affairs. 

They are highly fond of having an illicit relationship and often have affairs with other women apart from the wife. 

Due to the licentious character they often earn slander and defame in the society.

The differences are noticed whenever the line of Venus is thin and clear, and then such a man often is found to be very adjusting and understanding.

Such persons are considered to be a very good speaker. They are expert in conversation and influence others with their conversation. 

If a person has many Venus rings then it indicates that he has illicit relationship with many women. 

In the same way, if a woman has many such rings then she has illicit relationship with many men. 

When the ring of Venus appeared broken in courses, it indicates that the person has illegitimate relationship with a woman of lower caste but such a person feels sorry for his evil acts.

The ring of Venus on the palm has some evil effects also. 

If any line coming out of the ring of Venus cuts the marriage line, then the individual does not get the happiness out of wedlock. 

Sometimes, such individuals do not get married even after lot of efforts. 

If the ring of Venus proceeding further crosses the Fate line, then that individual may become unfortunate. 

They are also denied of any happiness throughout their life.

But differences are also found. 

A person, who has a clear mount of Moon and a clear, deep and good ring of Venus, becomes a writer of literature pertaining to youth. 

The sign of an island on the ring of Venus indicates that the person will die as a result of the conspiracy of his beloved. 

If a person has a long thumb and has the ring of Venus then such a man becomes a poet but such persons do not raise much in their lives.

One of the significant characteristics of the individuals having the ring of Venus is that they are immensely mysterious. 

They have profound love for literature and are practical-minded compared to the others.

Infect the ring of Venus also plays an important role in any individuals life force. 

And, it should be observed clearly. 

A palm reader who ignores, or not able to observe this line may find difficulty in accurate palm reading and reporting.


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