Mount of Mercury: Palmistry Hand Reading 

The mount of mercury is located at the root of the little finger of Mercury. It is limited by the imaginary line between the third and fourth fingers, the Heart line and by the percussion
When the mount of mercury is in normal position, then it indicates great oratory skills, varied nature, love for poetry, tact, success, in the field of science & commerce, and it is also connected with the materialistic prosperity, and it's affluence in individual’s life.
If the mount of Mercury is well developed, then it will make that individual's mind sharper than others, and more logical. They can get successful easily in trade and business or any field they have interest and willing to work.

If the mount of mercury is found to be prominent in hand, then such person is said to be an opportunist, and always be in search of the right time to work upon. They become very clever and take advantage of every opportunity they get throughout their life. They can be a successful speakers, or a leader or a successful actor or actress.

If the mount of mercury is very much prominent, then such person becomes very materialistic and run behind money.

If the mount is leaning toward the mount of sun or Apollo than such person are able to get success in life easily, and if the mount of mercury is absent, then, that person passes a whole life in poverty.

According to the study of palmistry if the mount of Planet Mercury is balanced than the person will get easily success in Business, Because of great analytical skills.


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