What is Travel Line on Palmistry Reading?

The Line of Travel, or frequent Travels, according to the many palmistry practitioners, this line plays a very special role in exploring any individuals' travelling experience. 

These lines are those lines which compel a person to go on travels and lead them to success by means of travelling, itself. 

Line of travel found on palm, denotes to a travel of any kind - air travel, sea travel, or may be travel on foot. 

If this line is seen critically, it can be known that there are different signs on this line from which the kind of travel can be known.

What Travel Line found on palm mean?

It passes over the line of Moon or is seen proceeding from the area of Venus. 

Towards the area of Mars and is seen crossing the area of dragon's Head, moving towards the mount of Moon. 

Such lines could be both thick and thin.

If any line starting from the mount of Venus goes to the mount of moon in the shape of a bow, and the finger of Saturn has a white half-moon, then the person goes abroad on ships.

When two equally long lines moves upward on the mount of Moon, than that person certainly goes on travels.

Infect travel lines indicates a lot about anyone's travel story. And, it is really important for a palmist to observe with clear vision.

This is really interesting to see types of lines found on the palm of a man or women, these are the things get believed by the palmists. 

About travel lines on palm, that indicates travel and natures of travel all time!

What do you think about these kinds of line found on a palm, know as travel lines?


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