The Sun

Sun is the parents body of the Solar System. The sun rules over the sign Leo, he has no latitude, being always in the ecliptic and is never in the inferior state. 

Sun co-operates sympathetically with all the planets except Saturn. He is Temperately hot, dry and masculine. 

Sun could be good or evil depending upon the planets in configuration with him.

The Sun is the Center and giver of all Life. powerful position of Sun is at 19 degree in Aries. 

Sun is Friendly Planet to Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune and Mercury and Enemy to Mars and Saturn. 

Sun is considered as a backbone of astrology system. Sun Represents the constitution, the life principle and the character of the native. 

If the Sun is Strong it enables the native to reap rewards of favourable planetary aspects, and conversely the individual has to suffer and endure the buffets of adverse influence.

When Sun is strongly placed in any individual's horoscope, particularly in his own sign Leo, helps in rising the native, and make him or her a well built person. 

If the sun is in dignified aspect, the individual will be of noble disposition, proud, magnanimous and generous. he will be humane, affable, and faithful friend, and a generous enemy. prone to be over found of magnificence.

If the Sun is in dominant position it will influence in the life. which gives strong will, masterful character, full of confidence and self respect with a cheerful outlook towards life and good Fortune.

The Sun Governs the Back, the Heart. the arteries, the eyes and the retentive faculty. his illness are fainting, palpitation of heart and weak sight. the Sun rules organic troubles.

The Moon

The Moon has rule over the sign of Cancer and its exalted position in Taurus at 3 degree. 

Moon is a famine planet which is cold, moist, watery, phlegmatic and nocturnal. 

Moon is friendly with Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune where as enemy to Mars, Uranus and Saturn.

Native under the strong influence of Moon has fair stature, pale complexion, round face, bright eyes, short arms, thick hands and feet, smooth, corpulent and phlegmatic body.

Moon is a very sensitive planet because it get easily influenced by every other force of the solar system.

If the Moon is in good position, the individual will be mild, soft, kind, ingenuous, and polite. but he will also be timid, thoughtless and unsettled in nature. 

When the Moon is in bad position the native will be bound to be idle, stupid, petty and found of alcohol. 

The native of this planet is extremely sensitive and naturally absorbs, all kind of influence. t

They are usually extremely adaptable and this can give them charm, versatility and tendency to take advantage of all opportunities. 

Native of this planet plays important part in public affairs, Politics, or in entertainment sector.

Moon Governs the brain, the stomach, the bowels, the bladder and the left eye. 

It has very much influence over the fluid of the body, the lymph, glands, and in case of women the breast. 

Moon also governs the Home. therefore women who are native of this planet make excellent wives and mothers.

Her diseases are consumption, rheumatism, vertigo, colic, palsy, apoplexy, serological, small pox and most important of all Lunacy, in its various forms.

The Mercury

The Mercury is a neutral planet his exalted position is in Virgo at 15 degree, and the ruler of the Gemini and Virgo. 

Mercury is friendly with Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Sun and Uranus on the other hand enemy to Mars and Saturn.

Mercury is the chief ruler of the nerve forces and mental facilities of man kind.

Mercury is always close to the sun, never farther than twenty eight degrees, and performs his orbit in , eighty seven days, twenty-three hours. 

Mercury takes on the quality of the planet with which he is configured, and as such he is good, or bad, lucky or unlucky.

The person born under the strong influence of mercury is tall, Straight figured, has a deep forehead, straight nose, thin lips, narrow chin, thin, narrow face, long arms, hands, fingers, thighs, legs and feet.

Mercury gives its native a strong mind, active and subtle, a retentive memory, and an eagerness in the pursuit of all kinds of knowledge.

The native is good orator, eloquent, witty, and of pleasing disposition. on the other hand when the mercury is at bad position, the native will possess a mean, shuffling, unprincipled character. he will be liar, thief, tale bearer, and gambler. 

The native of mercury possess a great desire for knowledge, the longing for change and cosmopolitan spirit. 

They are bound to travel for and wide. they have keen intuition and ability to sense what people are about to say. 

Mercury Governs the thought centres of the memory. 

It also governs speech, the nostrils, the hand, feet, lunge and nerves system. 

The diseases of this planet are usually convulsions, stammering, apoplexy, lisping, dumbness, Nervous cough, hoarseness, gout in the hands and feet and vertigo, an affected mercury can cause mental diseases.

The Venus

Venus is a famine planet and rules the Zodiac sign Taurus and Libra, her exalted position is in Pisces at 27 degree. 

Venus is never above forty-eight degree distant from the Sun, and performs her orbit in two hundred and twenty-four days and seven hours.

Venus is a temperate planet and considered as the "lesser Fortune".

If Venus in the exalted position at birth are usually elegantly formed and extremely beautiful, with sparking eyes and round, smooth face with dimple in cheek and chin. 

They usually have a wondering eyes, denoting desire, sweet voice and a very engaging address.

Venus has the effect on her native to make him pleasure loving rather superficial, and inclined to go along the line of least resistance.

The native will be unwilling to make sacrifices and do the hard plodding that is essential to great accomplishment.

Person born strongly under the influence of Venus are inclined to contract early marriage, as a rule before twenty eight or thirty. 

However, the strong motivating force, in case of these people, is generally the sex urge. and in consequence, when the novelty of physical attraction wears out, there is nothing else to hold the marriage together. 

Venus rules Jewels, perfumes, pastel shades in colors, and beauty of form both in human and still life.

Those who have Venus for their star of destiny will have a define tendency to over-expression of ornamentation and depending on their resources, they are bound to have a passion for diamonds, emeralds and rubies and for symphony of colors.

The Mars

Mars is a masculine Planet and rules the Zodiac Signs Aries and Scorpio. 

Mars is a hot, dry, fiery, violent planet known as the "Bloody Planet", and performs his course in one year, three hundred and twenty-one days and thirty-two hours. 

Mars is exalted in 28 degree in Capricorn. He rules the signs Aries and Scorpio. Mars natives are Strong, well set, but short, bony, lean and muscular. 

He has red complexion, sharp eyes and a violent countenance. Frequently a scar is found on the head or face.

If Mars is well dignified in the horoscope the native is fearless, violent, and irascible. 

Though found of wars and contention, he is at the same time pendent, rational, over generous and magnanimous. 

Native of Mars people are extremely sensitive and take offense too easily.

Mars governs the part of the body involving the head, face, stomach, kidneys and knees. 

Also the groin, bladder, organs of generation, the heart, throats and circulation.

The diseases of the planet are of an inflammation kind and those resulting from wounds or burning especially affecting the face or organs of generation. 

Diseases like tumours, abscesses, small pox, toothache, headache, diabetics, jaundice, hot eruption and fevers of all kinds.

The Jupiter

Jupiter is a masculine Planet and considered a hot sanguine, airy, beneficent and social planet. He Rules the fiery magnetic sign Sagittarius.

He is a symbol of wisdom and the largest planet of the solar system

Jupiter's exalted position is in 15 degree of Cancer. 

The Native born under the influence will be tall, well built, erect, handsomely proportioned, robust, and ruddy with a commanding personality. 

He should have oval face, high forehead, full eyes, thick hair wide chest, long feet and a firm and frank manner.

Jupiter is instinct of creation, generosity, hospitality and of the spiritual emotion. 

He represents these qualities as bestowed upon men, and in general he is the planet who brings luck in business or profession and will contribute towards making the character of the native noble, generous and easy-going. 

Under the influenced of Jupiter, the native will be wise, magnanimous, affable, jovial, mild in manner, temperate and inclined towards religion and spirituality. Jupiter makes his native good natured and a lover of freedom.

Jupiter governs the liver, lungs, the veins, blood and all the viscera. 

The diseases to which the native of this sign is subject are those involving those parts or which arise from plethora habit or corrupt blood.

The Saturn

Saturn is the most distant planet of the solar system from the Sun with the exception of Uranus and Neptune. 

He completes his revolution in 29 years, 116 days and 5 hours and this is the duration of his year. 

He is a Masculine Planet and rules the Zodiac sign Capricorn. His exalted position is 20 degree in Libra. 

Saturn is friendly planet with Neptune and Enemy for the Planet Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Uranus.

Saturn's aspect, in a man implies obstacles, Delay and he exerts the force of isolation and concentration. 

Saturn may be called a unfortunate planet which brings delay and therefore makes his native despondent and hopeless. 

It is very important that an individual should have favourable aspects of Saturn, and it is not good for the well being of the native to find the Saturn weak or in his detriment. 

Those born with Saturn as their planet of destiny will have much to endure and much to overcome.

The influence of Saturn is most dominant during the first 30 years of a person' life and after the 60th year.

Saturn represents the diseases which proceeds from cold and obstruction, such as Agnes, Epilepsy, toothache, black jaundice, catarrh, atrophy, melancholy, and Deafness is very common with the native of this planet. 

Adenoid growths, tonsillitis, diphtheria or glandular swellings upon the neck.

The Uranus

A Planet that has been Discovered just recently, less than 2 centuries back, there is no records from the ancients as to its nature or its extraordinary influence on the human life. 

Modern astrology has however has determined quite definitely its general nature and major attributes.

Uranus has its greatest influence in the Zodiac Sign Aquarius and stands for the interior, subconscious, magical will of persons born strongly under its influence. 

The Native of Uranus may be in complete harmony with his surrounding at one time and feel himself as lucky, but another time he will be entirely out of unison and consider himself as one of the unfortunate ones.

Uranus produces the most extraordinary vicissitudes.

Native of the Uranus are often found going in an opposite direction from the masses both in thoughts and action. 

Uranus may be called a planet of destiny only when a person are born strongly under its influence, fate plays a large part in their existence.

Uranus in its benevolent aspect can bring about in the native new current of thought of a very original character, increase intuition, stimulate the telepathic faculties and elevate the mind to a higher state of consciousness. 

Uranus makes his a native a powerful Occulter and a lover of Ancient science of Occultism.

The Neptune

Neptune is really a Very slow, Mystical and outermost planet in the solar system which rules the Zodiac Sign Pisces. 

Neptune is a Masculine Planet which makes a revolution around the Sun in 163 years and 25 days at a Velocity of about three and one-half miles per seconds.

He represents the force of nature to undifferentiated to be understood by the average person. 

Neptune is also known as a planet of SPIRIT.

Native of Neptune are generally possessed of highly organised nervous system and most acute sensibilities.

They possesses a very fascinating and elusive magnetism which can exerts a peculiar influence over others. 

They posses a remarkable capacity to anticipate the thoughts of others before expressed.

Those born under the strong influence of Neptune are usually so remote from the average individuals that they may feel themselves somewhat solitary figures, among their contemporaries generally they have hunger for love, sympathy and happiness. 

Individual under powerful influence of Neptune are psychic by nature and due to the effect of vibration of Neptune they posses various phenomena like second sight, warning dreams and clairvoyance. 

Any one can easily spot person born under strong influence of Neptune because they always stands out in the crowd. 

Neptune diseases are always of an unusual kind, such as locomotor, alaxia, general paralysis of the insane, softening of the brain or other obscure afflictions of the nervous origin and psycho-hysteria.


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