Sign of Star - Palmistry Star Sign Reading

Sign of Star - Palmistry Star Sign Reading:-

In palmistry star is considered as a beneficial sign only if it is present on faultless position, as because star is directly related to the good health, childhood, Honor, success, harmonies relationship with siblings and sexual pleasure. According to many great palmists around the world, if a Star is present on the mount of Jupiter, then it indicates sudden achievements and success in life. It also indicates wealth, respect, and great success in the society.
Some times if you find any Star on the mount of Saturn, then it indicates great rise in fortune. Sign of star is considered beneficial on the mount of Sun; because such person enjoys full benefit of wealth in his life, never lack anything, and also remains healthy physically and mentally. Star on the region of Mercury is also beneficial because such person becomes a successful Businessman, and a professional planner.
Star on the mount of Venus, indicates, indulgence in too many sexual activities, many affairs and relationships and a beautiful healthy wife.
Any star sign on the mount of the Mars indicates that the person will be in-courageous and patient, and will get many national awards and honors for bravery in war.
Sometimes when a star sign present on the line of Moon, then it indicates sufferings, ill-fortune and many problems related to stomach, sickness throughout life.
A Star sign on the line of Mars is also not a beneficial indication as it shows that, the person may get killed by some kind of conspiracy.
Star on the marriage line indicates many obstacles in marriage and family. If there is a star on the health line then, that person remains weak in health throughout his life and dies in miserable circumstances. If there is a mark of star on the line of Sun then that person gets extraordinary success in business and gets many fortunate moments to acquire wealth in his life. If there is a sign of star on the head line, then the person will have to suffer from many diseases related to nerves system. And If a mark of star is present on the life line, then it indicates that the person will die suddenly in his youth due to some kind of disease.
Star is really a very important sign which may present on the palm of any individual and for a palmist it is really very important to observe these signs carefully in order to get more closer to any individuals life.


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