About Palm of your Hand!

The Palm of your hand, is the central region of the front of the hand. As per various dictionaries, the part of the inner surface of the hand, that extends from the wrist to the bases of the fingers - is known as palm.

The palm, which is the central region of the anterior part of the hand, located superficially to the metacarpus.The four fingers can be folded over the palm which allows the grasping of objects.

In palmistry the formation of palm has a special importance, because hand prediction to learn a person's personalities, fortune and future depends on the palm lines, including fingers, and thumb.

Palm of your Hand in Palmistry!

Palmistry is the art of analysing the physical features of the palm of your hands to interpret personality characteristics and predict future happenings.

It is really very important for a palmist, to observe not only shape and size of the palm, but also the colour, texture, lines and signs - found on them.

Under palmistry concepts, before going deep into reading hands, it is considered much important to observe the palm of the hand carefully. 

Types of Palm in Palmistry Hand Reading:

Generally, there are following kinds of palm in palmistry which are described below:

1. Red Colour Palm
2. Pink Colour Palm
3. Yellow (Pale) Colour Palm
4. Dry Skin Palm
5. Soft Skin Palm

Red Colour Palm: 

As per the theory of palm reading, reddish colour palm is not an indication of excellence. As, it shows aggression, that could make a person very short-tempered, as-well-as suspicious by nature. 

Palmists also believe, as a result such people get angry easily. These people struggle bad, and hardly get successful life, just because of there narrow-minded attitude.

Pink Colour Palm: 

In palmistry hand reading, pinkish colour of palm is considered healthy, which shows vitality, and makes an individual very kind in-heart - with very high morals and ideals. 

Such person are believed to get success in society and in their life very easily, just because of there own hard efforts - no-matter from wherever they've started. 

These are the real people out there in the world, who make real contributions to the development of the society and nation.

Yellow (Pale) Colour Palm: 

As per believers of palmistry, yellowish colour palm is not considered as a good one. It is believed to be an indication of sickness, and results in making a person go-towards introversion. 

As per palmists, it is also believed, they get success hardly an remain unstable just because of their irritable nature. 

Sometime, these people also become narrow, weak-minded, and noncontributory for the society.

Dry Skin Palm: 

Dry skin palm is another indication of sickness and unsuitability in nature as per the concepts of the palmistry. These kind of people get hard to take any decision by their own!

They work according to the ideas of others, as a result face failures. They are considered as sick, or sometimes mentally unfit.

Smooth (Soft) Skin Palm: 

This kind of palm is said to be the best kind of palm in palmistry. It shows sensitivity, that makes a person very soft hearten, and sympathetic towards other. 

In real sense, they contributes to the society, as they work according to there own clear vision, which makes them successful in their life, easily.


In palmistry, big hands is considered as a fortunate hand, which makes an individual a very sharp-minded and cleaver in nature. 

While, very small hand is an indication of short-tempered, and narrow minded, that makes them get very hard to success.

At, the end please remember, according to the study of palmistry - it is important to observe the hand and palm with a clean vision. 


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