What is Line of Moon or Luna Line on Palm?

This line starts from the bracelet or the mount of moon and reaches the regions of Mercury in the farm of a bow. 

According to the art of palmistry this line is considered very important on a person's palm. 

This line indicates the ability of intuition.

The individuals having the Line of Moon are found to have a very good career line. 

In spite of being a lowborn and leading an ordinary life, such persons are able to reach to the height of their career. 

Sometimes they become presidents or commanders-in-chief due to the influence of the Line of the Moon. 

Such persons often are found to be an important name in the nation.

What Line of Moon found on palm mean?

Such persons with the line of Moon on the palm have dangers from a voyage. 

According to the palmists, such individuals should avoid the voyages. 

Sometimes while swimming they face death-like hindrances due to the ill effects of the Line of Moon. 

But such individuals are simple, gentle and sober type. 

Their personality is captivating and they have even the capacity to enchant their enemies. 

Such persons always help others and if some one ever does them any good they remain grateful to him forever.

Such persons are socially responsible and have the exceptional capability to give right guidance and direction to the country and the society at the time of crisis.

Thus the line of Moon not only points to the intuitive aspect of the individual, but also indicates to the shining career and bright future of the individual. 

According to the study of palmistry the line of Moon is extensively important in the life of any individual.


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