Sign of Square on the Palm - Palmistry Reading   Sign of Square on the Palm: Hand Reading 

Square is a very auspicious sign which is really not easy to observe on every hand. Since square is considered as beneficial in many case because it is related to Education, Higher Authority, Honor, Love and relationships

If any mark of Square is present on mount of Jupiter, then surely you will become a successful administrator. Your fame and honor will spread throughout the world as you rise to very high post although you are born in an ordinary family.
If you have sign of square on mount of Saturn, then you will notice that you have surprisingly escaped death many times.If the sign of square is on the region of Sun, then you live a very high standard life with honors, respect, High post and fame. If there is a square on the mount of mercury, then you are going to escapes imprisonment.

Any square on mount of Moon will increase the power of imagination for you and will make you sober and kind. And give you patience even in opposing circumstances. If there is a square mark on the Mount of Venus, then you will be cautious in love affairs and thus escape many scandals.

If you have a square on mount of mars, than you will be able to contain your anger, or get anger rarely in life. Any sign of square on the line of Moon, assists a person in all sort of progress. 

If Square is on marriage line, than you will have an educated, beautiful and amiable wife. And great chance of getting wealth from in-laws. Square is on health line, indicates sound health throughout life.

If you have Square sign on the fate line, then you are lucky as your fate rises at a very early age. If square is on heart line then your family life will be full of happiness. 

Square on you life line indicates your life will be full of enjoyments and longevity. Square is considered as a beneficial mark on the palm according to many palmists.

As per the art of palm reading, it is essential for any hand reader to observe the type of hand they are holding, FingersThumbNails, and various signs, lines, and other marks found on the palm, then only it will be possible to give the accurate results, through the palmistry analytical skills.


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