Head Line Palmistry - Hand Reading

What is head line?

Head Line deals with our beliefs, our philosophy, our attitude on and how we approach life. It is a representation of our mentality and intelligence. Because it is so important, the Head Line must be present on the palm. 

The Head Line begins just above the life line, on the side of the palm between the thumb and the index finger, and spans horizontally across the palm.

Special markings on this line indicate specific events which occurred in our life.

What head line found on palm mean?

The line can be divided into three parts to help judge when certain events occurred or might occur: 

(1) represents youth, 
(2) represents adult, 
(3) represents old age. 

If our Head Line and Life Line are joined at the beginning, this indicates that our strong sense of mind generally rules over our body. we also look at childhood with a cautious and fearful outlook. 

Separated form of head lines on a palm, shows a love for adventure and an enthusiasm for life and nature.

A deep long line stretching across the palm indicates a logical and direct way of thinking. 

The straighter the line, the more realistic the thinking, and the deeper the line, the better the memory.

If the line is short however, it tends to indicate limited mental aims, and the shift towards "physical" thinking rather than reflection.

If the line is short and curved upwards, then we tend to have a short attention span, also known as a scatterbrain. 

A long line that curves upward represents more of a retentive memory. However if the line swoops down towards the heel, the person tends to be imaginative and creative.

Double lines show strong mental abilities.

A broken line shows a distinct change in our way of thinking, sometimes even characteristic of a nervous breakdown.

A star on our head line represents a significant mental achievement.Crosses through the line indicate major decisions in our life.

if the head line sweep s down the palm and ends in a fork, it indicates a very intelligent individual.

However, if there is a break in the line, it can mean that the person may be afflicted by deep depression.

Infect head line is considered as a most effective line on the palm, and for any palmist it is essentially required to observe them clearly.


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