Numerology is all about Numbers:

Every day, we are presented to numbers. We have telephone numbers, birth-dates, even our money related data is driven by numbers. 

Numerology is the investigation of the numbers in our lives and how they influence us. 

An understudy of numerology uses the letters in a word, for example, a full name, or a conception date and lessens that to a solitary number. 

That number lets them know certain things about the individual's character, what qualities and shortcomings they have; it can even be utilized to foresee their future. 

Numerology is regularly firmly related crystal gazing as stargazers doled out the numbers 0 through 9 to each divine body in the close planetary system and every number has its own arrangement of qualities. 

Numerology has been around for a huge number of years. The Egyptians and Babylonians both utilized it more than 10,000 years back. 

Pythagoras, a mathematician whose speculations are still being used today, is accepted to have authority composed numerology in Greece more than 2,500 years prior. He held the perspective that math ideas were less demanding to control and order than physical ones. 

Others convictions and works imperative in the advancement of numerology were early Christian mystery, the Chinese Circle of the Dead, the Kabbalah, and the Indian Vedas. 

Toward the start of the twentieth century, L. Dow Balliet distributed the first book about numerology, starting what is known as the cutting edge period of numerology and enthusiasm for it developed throughout the following couple of decades. 

As of late, a recovery of enthusiasm for numerology has happened and numerous individuals are figuring out how numbers may influence them. 

In spite of the fact that systems may shift, regularly a numerologist decreases a word or number utilizing a strategy called digit summing. 

In the event that the numerologist is managing a number, for example, a conception date, they include every one of the numbers. On the off chance that the total is two or more digits, then those numbers are included until there is a solitary digit left. 

At the point when managing a word, for example, a name, every letter of the letters in order is alloted a number. For instance, A =1, B = 2, C = 3. At that point the same strides as above are taken after - the numbers are summed until one digit remains. 

A few numerologists won't break numbers that aggregate 11, 22, or 33. These are known as expert numbers and are considered to have higher vibrations as than the numbers they would make if digitally summed. 

The following is a brief meaning of every number: 

One - Because it is the first number, one is seen as having incredible force. Typically seen as "male," one can be upbeat, cherishing and element while likewise being separated from everyone else and vain. 

Two - Associated with "female" vitality, two frequently speaks to organizations and interfacing with others. It can likewise remain for the perfect inverses of things, for example, highly contrasting or great and insidiousness. This number is best symbolized by the Chinese image Yin-Yang. 

Three - Three is frequently identified with learning through backgrounds. It is frequently viewed as fortunate and mysterious. It can mean both knowledge and seeing, yet likewise be silly and negative. 

Four - The first composite number (the first number to be made by increasing numbers other than one and itself), four is connected with the four cardinal focuses (North, South, East and West), the four Gospels of the Bible, and time (four seasons, around four weeks in every month). It is a homonym for the Chinese word for "death," in this way; a few doctor's facilities don't have a fourth floor. 

Five - Five is connected with the five detects (smell, touch, taste, hearing, and sight) and regularly speaks to administration to others and additionally openness to new encounters, yet it can likewise speak to an addictive identity. 

Six - The number six identifies with magnificence and regularly helps in building connections. It is accepted to hold appeal, arousing quality, and strategy. Six is additionally viewed as the mother/father number. 

Seven - An otherworldly number, seven can be both fantastic and profound while likewise being beguiling and untrustworthy. 

Eight - Eight speaks to diligent work and life lessons. In light of that, eight is seen as looking for monetary and material achievement, but on the other hand is connected with the hardships experienced while looking for both. 

Nine - A holy number, nine is seen as a compassionate number and holds magical essentials because of the nine-month gestational period for people. 

Numerology has been around for a great many years. Similarly as with crystal gazing, some see numerology as a mysterious science with small importance, while others see it as a suitable approach to help them comprehend themselves and their general surroundings.

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