Reading Nails in Palmistry
As per the study of Palmistry, it's possible to know about soundness of health, emotional state, as well as personality trait, through nails. Color of nails and moon on it revel quality of blood and circulation of oxygen level in bloodstream. Even doctors do check nails for diagnosis of blood level. Palmistry can even determine, how fortunate a person is, by observing nails. Classification of nails with respect to their color and spots are mentioned below: 

Black spots: Any person having black spot on nails, it indicates impurity in blood and as a result person may be infected with disease connected with impurity of blood as malaria, typhoid, fever and smallpox etc. This sign appears on nails for some time and it disappears itself. It indicates great calamity and misfortune of the person. Black spot on thumb suggests person may make a crime in near future. Loss is indicated if it is there on index finger. It indicates death of old member in family in case of middle finger defame in case of Apollo finger and finally it indicates failure in achieving once aim in life in case of little finger. 

White Spot on Nails - Palmistry ReadingWhite Spot: Any person having this sign on nails, it indicates obstruction in circulation of blood and future disease. This spot on thumb indicates finding love. It indicates profit in business incase of Index finger. It indicates journey in case of middle finger, rise in life in case of Apollo finger and finally indicates success in achieving aim in life in case of little finger. 

Half Moon at the base of Nails: Half moon is situated in the base of nails and it indicates progress in life. Effect of half moon on different fingers is mentioned below: 

Half Moon on Index Finger: Any person having such half moon on Index finger, it indicates promotion in service or some other good news to be heard. 

Half Moon on Saturn Finger: Any person having such half moon on Saturn finger, it indicates benefit from machinery or any other monetary benefit unexpectedly. 

Half Moon on Nails - Hand Analyse - PalmistryHalf Moon on Apollo Finger: Any person having such half moon on Apollo finger, it indicates promotion, rise in status name and fame in society. It is one of the fortunate signs on nail. 

Half Moon on Little Finger: Any person having such half moon on little finger, it indicate success and profit in business dealings unexpectedly 

Half Moon on Thumb Finger: Any person having such half moon on base of thumb, it indicate all kind of success, auspiciousness, progress, gain, monetary benefit, growth in all field of life. 

Big Half Moon - Palm Reading - Hand AnalyseBig half Moon at the base of Nails: Some times moon is so big that it covers almost half of the nail. It indicates a negative effect on the person. The effects will be opposite from the result of half moon on the particular finger. 

Any change in health, wealth, and emotional state of a person is visible on nails immediately. It works as a receiver for energies from different planets. Thus it should be examined carefully as we can clearly know about the present and future health condition of ones through it.

Palmistry is an art of telling past, present and as well as future in many civilizations, cultures, and places around the world, Palm reading is an interesting science, that need keen analytical skills, and deep study of hand reading, that can not be possible for many palmists today. 

In today's world, there are many people misguiding others  through their half knowledge about palmistry an ancient science of telling fortunes! It is advised to be careful when you planning to consult one.  


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