Sign of Circle - Palmistry Reading

Sign of Circle - Palmistry Reading

As per the experience by many palmists, A  sign of circle which found on the palm at different regions, as got there own merits and demerits most of the time any sign of circle found on your palm are not considered as fruitful. 

If you find any sign of circle on the Mount of Jupiter, then it is considered influential.  That person will get certainly a higher position in the society by own efforts. Such a person also gets wealth from his in-laws, and never get any financial worry throughout life.

If any sign of circle present on the Mount of Saturn, than there would be more chance for that person to get sudden wealth from lottery or gambling, or we would say it indicates uncertain inward arrival of money.

If you observe a sign of circle on the region of Sun, then it makes a person of high thinking and that person will have pure and honest thoughts. These people who has circle on the region of Sun, becomes famous in the world very easily without and obstacles.

Any circle present on the mount of Mercury indicates great success in business. Circle on the mount of Moon represents weak health and many accidents during marine journey. 

If any sign of circle present on the mount of Venus, indicates that the person would mostly engage himself in amorous dalliance and enjoyments. Some times such person becomes very impotent by nature.

A sign of circle on the Mount of Mars represents weak-heartedness of that person. If there is a circle on the life line then there would be indication of eyes weakness. Any circle on the head line indicates mental diseases.

If there is a circle present on the heart line, than it indicates diseases related to that persons heart. If there is a circle on the fate line, that it indicates ill fortune, and bad name for that person. And if sometime if you find any circle on the Sun line indicates extraordinary success for the individual. 

As per the deep study of palmistry circle on the palm of any person has got its own indication for the life. and it would be really very important if you observe these signs too,for a deep predication and future analyse.  


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