Mount of Moon on Palm: Hand Reading Guide

Planet Moon or even called Luna is the nearest planet to the Human. Planet Moon is really very deeply connected with the beauty and Imagination. Person under the influence of Luna is highly imaginative and of artistic qualities.

Mount of Moon can be located left of the life line and above the bracelet. And below the area of Neptune where it joins the lifeline is the area of Moon.

If the mount of Moon is fully developed than the individual will be lover of nature and beauty. They Always remains in a dream world, and highly imaginative but lack in confidence. They are not able to face the difficulties of life. Such person love to remain unconcerned with deception of the world. They make high class artist and poet.

Person with fully developed mount of Moon are highly imaginative rather than being materialistic. They easily get fall in unsuccessful love. Such person always lives in a dream world and becomes too emotional. They face difficulties in understanding the duplicity and wickedness of the world.

If the mount of Moon is developed and leans outside, than the person has love of pleasures. Such person becomes over indulgent in sex. They always think about sexual relation shamelessly.

If the mount leans toward the Mount of Venus, than they can not distinguish themselves and other because of that they get defamed in society.

If the mount of Moon is developed, and if several lines are seen on the mount, than such person travels a lot in his lifetime. Line on the Moon is connected with the travel and successful journey to the foreign country.

If the mount of Moon is well developed, on any person’s palm, than it is an excellent indication for a successful career of that person, in Marine business.

According to the palmistry if the mount of moon is absent or not developed in balance than the person has to live whole life in trouble and face many difficulties in success. Infect in palmistry Mount of moon really influence any individual, as it makes imaginative, artistic, and emotional and a lover of beauty which is really important.


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