Mount Of Neptune: Neptune is the eighth planet from the Sun in our Solar System. Named for the Roman god of the Sea, it is the fourth-largest planet by diameter and the third-largest by mass. this planet is situated very great distance from earth; hence, it exerts very little influence on the inhabitants of the earth but whatever little influence it exerts on a person's life is of a permanent nature and shows wonderful results in itself.
Mount of Neptune can be located on the palm below the area of head line and above the Mount of Moon. Balanced development of mount of Neptune is connected with the music, art, imagination and spirituality. if the mount of Neptune is very prominent than the person becomes an eminent, musician, poet or a writer.
if the mount lean toward the mount of Moon, than the standard of a person by itself will be of very low caliber and low mentality and he indulges in anti social activities.
according to the palmistry if the mount of Neptune is more than necessary developed on the palm, than such person's life will be full of grief and his family life will get spoil because they develop a Maniac, suspicious and cruel nature. sometime they commit big crime in the society for little wealth. hence if the mount of Neptune is not balanced, than it influence typically. 



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