Nails in Palmistry!

Nails are important part of fingers on handsand they say a lot of things about a person. Nail is considered as a good conductor of electricity and radiation. It is also said, rays from other planets enter in humans body through nails. 

While reading palm, one should not ignore nail colours, texture, marks, and signs found on nails, while examining. They are classified with respect to their shape, size, and texture.

Types of Nails in Palmistry Reading:

As per the palmistry study, nails are categorised in following below mentioned types: 

1. Short Nails
2. Short and Pale Nails
3. Short and Rectangular Nails
4. Short and Wide Nails
5. Hard and Narrow Nails
6. Square Nails
7. Short and Triangular Nails
8. Rounded Nails
9. Thin and Long Nails
10. Long and Curved Nails
11. Perfect Nails

How to to Study Nails in Palmistry?

Palmists tell the fortune through reading the lines, marks, patterns, but it is also required to remember about the nails, found on the fingers of a hand. 

Before trying to study signs on nails, it is very important for a palmist to first understand about the types of nails, as described below:

Short Nails: 

Any person having short nails, is an indication of impulsive, aggressive and unsophisticated in-nature of that person. Infect, sometimes the person will be narrow minded weak and will have of wicked tendencies.

Short and Pale Nails: 

As per palmistry studies, any person having such nails on their fingers, it indicates cheat, sinful and wicked nature. They could even deceit their own family members, thus they are not trustworthy and socially irresponsible.

Short and Rectangular Nails: 

Many palmists believe, any person having short and rectangular types of nails, than it indicates a weak hearten. Sometimes, it also indicates a possibility of heart attacks. 

Short and Wide Nails: 

On any finger, if any person is having short and wide nails, than it is an indication of quarrelsome nature. They love to interfere in others' work and would have developed criticising behaviour.

Hard and Narrow Nails: 

Any person having hard and narrow nails type, becomes moody and will do what ever they decide to do. They stick to their decision. They don’t care weather it is right or wrong.

Square Nails: 

Under the palmistry study believing, any person having square nails type, it indicates weak, coward, timid, and subdued nature of that person.

Short and Triangular Nails: 

This type of nail is wider at upper end and narrower at lower end. Any person having such nail, it indicates laziness and loneliness. The person remains apart from society.

Nails wider in proportion to Length: 

Any person having such nails, It indicates, short tempered. The person is perfectionist and they complete the work once they take it up in hand. They don’t want any interfere form others in their work.

Short nails and knotty fingers: 

Any person having short nails and knotty fingers, it indicates a quarrelsome nature. If, it is in the fingers of a female - then she will definitely overpower her husband. As palmists believe.

Rounded Nails:

Any person having such nails, it indicates the person is firm minded and quick decision-makers, they also know how to act on their decisions. These person are quick adoptable in the quick changing situations. 

Thin and Long Nails: 

If a person is having such nails, it indicates weak body and fickle minded. These people can’t take their own decision and they mostly depend and act on advice given by others.

Long and Curved Nails: 

Palmists also believe, if any person having long and curved nails, it indicates a bad character and illegal affairs. As a result these people are not so respected in society.

Perfect Nails: 

Such nails are a little longer than its wideness with natural glow. Any person having such nails, it indicates a motivated, sensible, and desire to always move forward in live. These people are highly successful in life.


Palmistry is an art of analysing hand and telling the fortunes through reading the lines, marks, patterns, signs, and other spots found on the palm of a hand. 

While observing a hand, it is essential for a palmist to analyse not only the lines, marks, and signs carefully, but also the nails - before making any report.


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