What are palm lines?

Lines found on the palm plays a very significance role for any palm reader, and the lines which are found on the palm really play an important role in persons life. 

No line imprinted on the palm is useless because any line however small or big, thick or thin, is helpful in determining and observing the speed of the life force, 

And, it is really very important for any palmist to analyse and study each lines carefully, found on the palm of your hand.

The clear and deep long lines on the palm indicates success, while the broken, thin and indistinct lines are a poor  in life force of an individual. 

Each line on the palm relates to some kind of happening and indicates about life. 

The exact time of happening can also be ascertained by means of lines, for that a deep knowledge and experience is required.

What are main lines on your palm?

As per the concept of palmistry hand readings, it is necessary to get the correct knowledge about the lines found on the palm of your hand. 

There are seven main lines on your main, they're mainly primary lines, beside primary lines there are other significant secondary lines also found on the palm

The Main Primary Lines on your Palm:

  1. Life Line
  2. Head Line
  3. Heart Line
  4. Line of Sun Or Apollo
  5. Fate line
  6. Health Line
  7. Marriage line or Love line. 
1. Life Line on the Palm:
Life Line is the line that extends from the edge of your palm goes above the thumb and goes ahead towards the wrist in an arc like shape. Learn more about a life line found on any palm here.

2. Head Line on the Palm:
Head Line deals with our beliefs, our philosophy, our attitude on and how we approach life. It represents mentality and intelligence.Head Line must be present on every palm. Learn more here.

3. Heart Line on the Palm:
Everyone has a heart line, but different people have different types of heart lines. Each giving insight into a personal characteristics,relationship, and emotions. Representing love. Read here.

4. Line of Sun (Apollo):
Line of Apollo can rise from many places on the palm, it may rise from the Line of Life, the Line of Fate, the Plain of Mars, the Mount of Moon, the Line of Head, and from the Line of Heart, etc. learn more here.

5. Fate line on the Palm:
Fate Line starts from the base of the palm up towards the Saturn (middle) Finger, is known as the line of fate or the line of Destiny. Explore more about the characteristics of fate lines over here.

6. Health Line on the Palm:
Health Line represents the health along with the general being of a person. Health line relates to health but there is no fixed place of its source of origin. Learn about health line here.

7. Marriage Line or Love Line on the Palm:
Marriage line can be indicated just below the base of the little finger. Several light lines in this area indicates love. The lines that are strong and clear in this area indicates marriages. Learn more here

The Secondary Significant Lines on your Palm:

  1. Ring of Jupiter
  2. Ring of Saturn
  3. Ring of Apollo
  4. Ring of Venus
  5. Ring of Moon
  6. Line of Mars
  7. Line of Travel
  8. Line of Children
  9. Line on Bracelet 
1. Line or Ring of Jupiter on the Palm:
The person having the ring of Jupiter is found to be quite sober and generous. But such persons are found to be highly ambitious.Learn something more about the ring of Jupiter over here.

2. Line or Ring of Saturn on the Palm:
The one end lies between the finger of Saturn and index finger while the other end lies between the finger of Saturn and the finger of Apollo, is ring of Saturn. Learn here.

3. Line or Ring of Apollo on the Palm:
The Ring of sun indicates the normal and average life. Hence the person having a Ring of the Sun leads a very ordinary life. He faces repeated failures in his life. Learn here.

4. Line or Ring of Venus on the Palm:
Ring of Venus has immense impact s on the individual. If this ring is wider enough then such a people is found to have spent all the deposited wealth of his ancestors. See here.

5. Line of Mars on the Palm:
If line of Mars on the palm, is away from the Line of Life the person is likely to be of an equable temper. It also indicates the state of marital relations. Learn more over here.

6. Line of Travel on the Palm:
This line can be seen critically, it can be known that there are different signs on this line from which the kind of travel can be happen, and observed. Learn more from here.

7. Line of Children on the Palm:
The vertical lines may be above, below, or actually cross the marriage line, are believed to represent the number of children a woman may have. Explore more over here

8. Line on Bracelet of the Hand:
Lines on Bracelet in palm reading is another most common practice, mostly a person will have two or three lines on bracelet. You may like to explore more over here.


Those are the lines found on the palm of your hand, should be observed very carefully by a palmist, while analysing your hand. 

Not only these primary and secondary lines found on the palm are important, but also the condition of thumb, fingers, and nails are important.

An expert palmist knows the importance of those lines on anyone's palm. To study and make a final report based on readings.


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