Life Line is the line that extends from the edge of your palm goes above the thumb and goes ahead towards the wrist in an arc like shape. Life line is the reflection of a person's vitality and health and general well being. It is, however, a misconception that the longer this line, the longer the person would live. Now any aberrations, changes in thickness and depth reflect that person's life. For example, if the line is irregular in depth and thickness, it indicates a very dynamic life, with lots of twists and turns. 

A higher line, going very close to the index finger could suggest how ambitious the person is and his or her ability to stick to the task even when the times are tough. If at all the headline and lifeline have linked beginnings, the person is said to be easily influenced by others. Such people are loyal, but might not be optimistic.

If a life line starts very low down the palm, it reflects an easy going personality. If you see a lot of breaks at the end of the life line on someone's palm, it might mean that the person has taken too much in life and he or she should not commit to so many things at a time.
If the Life Line is long, deep and red, it represents strong vitality, good immune system, and does not get sick easily.
If it is short and shallow, the person tends to be weaker or has more health issues.
If the line is thicker, the person is better with physical work or sports, or if the line is thinner, the person is better with work requiring more brain-power and less physical.
If the palm area it encloses (from the base of the thumb to the Life Line) is larger, it represents a more energetic and romantic life, or if it is smaller, it represents fatigue.

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