Usually there are 4 fingers and 1 thumb in every individual’s hand. And for a palmist it’s really very important to study the size and shape of all the fingers carefully. So that to get closer to any person’s life by reviewing the hand carefully.

In palmistry Fingers are divided into:
Index Finger: The next finger to the thumb is called index finger, or the finger of Jupiter, Which shows the power of leadership quality, only if the index finger is as long as Middle finger.

Finger of Saturn: The longest finger on the hand is called the finger of Saturn, a very long or a very short middle finger tends to indicate a serious imbalance between the psychological and the physical state of a person. And if the Index finger and the middle fingers are equal in length, in that case a person commits suicide or dies through an unnatural cause

The Finger of Sun or Apollo: The finger next to the finger of Saturn is called the Finger of Apollo, or the ring finger. Generally this finger is almost equal to the index finger in length. If it is very long than it is considered as an emotional instability, introspection and a disturbance of psyche. If it is leaning towards the finger of Saturn than it is considered as excellent, and if it is leaning towards the finger of Mercury, than it indicates that an individual’s family life cannot remain happy.

The Finger of Mercury: This is smallest finger on the hand. Its end reaches the tip of the finger of Apollo, or reaches up to the upper joint of Apollo, and if it is long, than it shows self expression, intuition and these kind of individual loves to explore new knowledge and skills and best in study and teaching. They would assuredly be very fortunate they reach a very high position with their own efforts and will power in society. Or if the finger of Mercury is very short than it is not considered good as it give feeling of inferiority.

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