Line of Health on Palm: Hand Reading

Health Line is really a very important line as it indicates health and fitness. The Line of health does not always appear on every palm, It starts under the little finger and goes across the palm towards the base of the thumb

The Health Line represents the health along with the general being of a person. Health line relates to health but there is no fixed place of its source of origin

The Health line can commence from the mount of Mars or from Life Line or from the center of the palm, or from any other place but is should be remembered that this line invariably terminates at the mount of Mercury

In some hands, it appears very thick, while on some others, it is found to be thin. This line should be studied with great care, since health, sickness etc. are studied with its help. 

The health line denotes the health record of an individual. It has been observed that the health line does not have a definite ending point. 

The study of the health line divulges the health of a person and any sickness that he or she may have experienced or will undergo during his or her life cycle. 

According to the art of Palmistry study clear and steady health line is the connotation of good health throughout the life of a person. 

A broken health line at a point signifies ill-health and if the line is broken in several places, it indicates severe and chronic illness. 

On the other hand Wavy health lines show potential health problems as a result of anxiety and nervousness. A broken line tends to show that poor health will create problems in business situations. 

If the health line is crossed, then it tends to be prone to accidents, and absence of health line normally indicates that health is not a major issue for the individual. 

According to the study of palmistry, degree of sickness is indicated by the strength and weakness of the health line found on the palm of any individual. 

As per the basic palmistry science, it is really very essential to look for the type of handfingersthumbnailspalm lines, and other signs present on the hand, then only it will be possible to provide with the accurate palmistry report.


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