Line of Mars: Some palmists believe that it is a line of influence the Mount of Venus. It is a parallel line within the Line of Life. If it is very near the line of life or if it is very deep it indicates the extent to which a person is subject to fits of anger.

If it is away from the Line of Life the person is likely to be of an equable temper. It also indicates the state of marital relations. It originates from the Aggressive Mars, runs parallel to the Line of Life towards the Mount of Venus and terminates at the wrist or the Mount of Venus. These lines are of two types. Can be located along the life line can be called assistant to the life line. Sometimes, such lines proceeds parallel to life line to its very end.
People who have such lines are genius and very intelligent. They are gifted with special powers to think and understand. Whatever decision they once take in their lives, they adhere to its end. Such people are trustworthy. Such people proceed in their lives with certain aim and do not rest till they have achieved their objective. They are robust and impressive personality.
Second type of line of mars is those which do not proceed along the life line, instead they reach the mount of Venus directly. People having these types of line of Mars are very careless in their nature towards everything.
They are irritating by nature and can do anything when in rage. They keep company of low grade people in their life.
if the line of Mars is strong, prominent, inset in the palm and is double, than certainly the person is either a Criminal or a Murderer. But if the line is not dual then the person is able to reach a very high office and respect in military.
infect the line of mars really plays a significance role in any individuals life according to the study of palmistry.


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