The Ring of Apollo : This ring really plays a very typical role in any individuals life, because this lines indicates regular failure. according to the rule palmistry  if any line originating between the finger of the Saturn and the finger of the Apollo and encircles the mount of the Sun and ends between the finger of Apollo and the little finger then it is called the Ring of the Sun. 
The Ring of sun indicates the normal and average life. Hence the person having a Ring of the Sun leads a very ordinary life. He faces repeated failures in his life. In spite of lot of efforts such persons cannot get success. Moreover they do not get the It has been observed that they certainly discredit him whom he has helped or such a ring converts the benefits of the mount of the Sun into losses. 
Such a person is found to be wise and holds a good moral character yet he gets discredit and is blamed in social life. Such persons remain frustrated from their lives.

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  1. I've this sign but it's been cut by long sun line. What does it mean?


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