Line of Sun - Reading Apollo Line in Palmistry

Line of Sun - Reading Apollo Line in Palmistry:-

According to the Practical Palmistry Line of Apollo can rise from many places on the palm, it may rise from the Line of Life, the Line of Fate, the Plain of Mars, the Mount of Moon, the Line of Head, and from the Line of Heart, or it may only appear as a small line on its own Mount.

If Line of Apollo is rising from the Line of Life, it promises success from whatever the life is that is led, but not from "luck." it indicates a Successful life.

When line of Apollo rise from the Line of Fate, it is a sure sign of recognition for the career adopted, but brought about by the personal effort of the subject.

According to the palmistry if the line of Sun arises from the Plain of Mars, and not connected with the other lines, it foretells success after difficulties.

If line of Sun rise from the Mount of Moon, than, success is more a matter due to the caprice of others. It is more changeable and uncertain and is by no means such a sure sign of riches or solid position. 
It is more the sign of success as a public favorite, and is often found in the hands of those who depend on the public for their livelihood, such as actors and actresses, singers, and certain classes of artists, speakers, clergymen, etc. 

For all such professions it is, however, fortunate, and an extremely lucky sign to have, as it promises in all cases luck, brilliancy, and recognition in the world.

Rising from the Line of Head, the Sun Line gives success from the mental efforts and qualities, but not until after the middle of life is past. Such line form on the palm of students of some particular branch of study, writers, scientists, etc.

If the line of Sun rise from the Line of Heart, than it indicates that, success will come late in life in some way depending on, or through, the affections. In such cases it generally promises a very happy marriage late in life, Indication of happiness, and worldly comfort.

The line of the Sun, which is otherwise called the Line of Success or the Line of Brilliancy, is one of the most important marks on the hand to consider. It has in its symbolism almost the same significance as the Sun itself has to the Earth. 

Without this line, life has no happiness, no sunshine, as it were, and even the greatest talents lie in darkness and do not produce their fruit.

The quality that the Line of Sun denotes is what is generally called "luck"; with a well-marked Sun Line even a poor Line of Head promises more success, and it is the same with the Line of Fate

People with the Sun Line appear to have more magnetism, more influence over others. They more easily secure recognition, reward, riches, and honors.

Infect it is very important to observe the line of Sun carefully on the palm as it explores lot about any individuals life and success.

As an art the palmistry can help you explore lots about anyone's life,  but that only depends on the experience of the palmist to observe and analyse the lines, and the marks found on the hand, then only it would be possible to give the accurate palmistry report for anyone.


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