Fate Line on Hand - Palmistry Hand Reading

Fate Line on Hand - Palmistry Hands

Fate Line starts from the base of the palm up towards the Saturn (middle) Finger, is known as the line of fate or the line of Destiny. Line of fate will always be found in the middle of the palm pointing in the direction of Saturn. 

Fate line can also be located on the palm base, from the area of Luna or Venus or may even start higher up the palm. As long as it runs in the direction of Saturn it is always known as the fate line. Sometimes there may be two fate lines running parallel in the palm.

The fate line can be seen to run up the middle of the palm with energy flowing up towards the fingers. balanced fate line indicates excellence in life.

Fate line begins from the center, on the base of the Hand. This reveals an independent start in life, a person who has his or her own views of the direction they would like their life to take, when Fate Line rises from the Mount of Luna (Moon), fate and success will be more or less dependent on the fancy and caprice of the other people.

If the line of fate in its course to the Mount of Saturn send offshoots to any other mount, it denotes that the qualities of that particular mount will dominate the life.

If the line of fate itself should go to any mount or portion of the hand other than the Mount of Saturn, it foretells great success in that particular direction, according to the characteristics of the Mount.

If the line of fate ascend to the center of the Mount of Jupiter, the person will acquire unusual distinction and power in life.

According to the low of palmistry, When the line of fate is abruptly stopped by the line of heart, success will be ruined through the affections; when, however, it joins the line of heart and they together ascend Jupiter the person will have the ambition gratified through the affections.

When the fate line is stopped by the line of head, it foretells that success will be destroyed by some stupidity or wrong decision of the person. If the line of fate rise from the line of head, and that line be well marked, then success will be won late in life, after a hard struggle and through the talent of the person. 

In Palmistry branches of the fate line indicate the rise and fall of fortunes. A rising fate line indicates a successful career with great opportunities for prosperity. 

Dropping lines mean heavy losses, failure, and disappointments. A wavering line shows an indecisive and lethargic person who lives life on a totally materialistic level. An unusually deep line reveals an inheritance, and success that is handed down.

In many palmistry resources, it is clearly mentioned that, for getting accurate palmistry report, it is essential to get observe the type of hand, fingers, thumb, nails, and the line found the palm, then only it would be possible to give the accurate report. 

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