In palmistry the formation of a palm has a special importance, big hands in palmistry is considered as a fortunate hand which makes an individual a very sharp-minded and cleaver, On the other hand very small hand is an indication of short-tempered as well as narrow minded, these people really get very hard to success in there life.

In palmistry its really very important for an palmist to observe not only shape and size of the palm as well as the color, texture and signs found on them before going deep into reading, Because it is much important to observe the hand carefully in palmistry. generally there are following kinds of palms in palmistry which are described below:
  1. Red Color Palm:
  2. Pink Color Palm
  3. Yellow (Pale) Color Palm
  4. Dry Skin Palm
  5. Smooth Skin Palm
Red Color Palm: In palmistry red color palm is not an indication of Excellence. it shows aggression and makes a person very short-tempered as well as suspicious by nature. as a result they get angry easily. these people hardly get success life just because of there narrow-minded attitude.

Pink Color Palm: pink color is considered healthy, which shows vitality and makes an individual very kind hearted with very high ideals. such person gets success in society and life very easily just because of there own hard efforts no matter from where they have started. these people really contribute for the society and nation

Yellow (Pale) Color Palm: In Palmistry pale color palm is not considered as a good. this is an indication of sickness, and makes a person introversion. they hardly get success an remain unstable just because of their irritable nature. these people are also known as weak minded for the society.

Dry Skin Palm: it is an indication of sickness and unstable nature in palmistry. these kind of people really get hard to take any decision and they work according to the others as a result face failure. they are considered as sick or mentally unfit.

Smooth Skin Palm: this kind of palm are the best kind of palm in palmistry. it shows sensitivity and makes a person very soft hearted, and sympathetic towards other. in real sense they contributes for the society as they work according to there clear Vision which makes them successful in their life easily.

According to the study of palmistry is is very important to observe the palm with a clean vision.  


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