Sign of Cross - Palmistry Reading

Sign of Cross: Palmistry Reading 

In Palmistry any sign of cross on any other mount excepting that of Jupiter, then the mounts indicates opposite results. And gives negative impact on person’s life his personal, social, financial and spiritual parts get affected. 

If there is a cross over the region of Jupiter, then the man leads a happy and joyful life. He does work after a lot of consideration. His wife is educated, he gets wealth from his in-laws his domestic life is happy and peaceful. Read about Cross on Palm

Sign of Circle - Palmistry Reading

Sign of Circle: Palmistry Reading

If you find any sign of circle on the Mount of Jupiter, then it is considered influential.  That person will get certainly a higher position in the society by own efforts. Such a person also gets wealth from his in-laws, and never get any financial worry throughout life. 

As per the experience by many palmists, A  sign of circle which found on the palm at different regions, as got there own merits and demerits most of the time any sign of circle found on your palm are not considered as fruitful. Read about Circle on Palm

Sign of Square on the Palm - Palmistry Reading

Sign of Square: Palmistry Reading

Square is a very auspicious sign which is really not easy to observe on every hand. Since square is considered as beneficial in many case because it is related to Education, Higher Authority, Honor, Love and relationships

If any mark of Square is present on mount of Jupiter, then surely you will become a successful administrator. Your fame and honor will spread throughout the world as you rise to very high post although you are born in an ordinary family. Read about Square on Palm

Triangle Sign - Reading Palmistry  Sign of Triangle: Palmistry Reading

Palmistry art says if a triangle is farmed by clear flawless and deep lines each considered benevolent the size of triangle is directly related to good result and good fortune. If the triangle is big its benefit and good luck are also enormous. 

Triangle found in the mid palm indicates that the person is very lucky, theist and progressive his physical and mental activities are pious. Such a person is calm and amiable. He is honored in the society. Read about Triangle on Palm

Signs on Nails: Palmistry Reading

As per the study of Palmistry, it's possible to know about soundness of health, emotional state, as well as personality trait, through nails. Color of nails and moon on it revel quality of blood and circulation of oxygen level in bloodstream. Even doctors do check nails for diagnosis of blood level. 

Palmistry can even determine, how fortunate a person is, by observing nails. Classification of nails with respect to their color and spots. Read about Signs on Nails in Palmistry. 


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