Line Of Children on the Palm - Hand Reading Step by Step

Line of Children - Reading Palmistry Hand

Line of Children on the Palm - Reading Palmistry Hand: 

In palmistry it’s really very interesting to observe the lines of children. These lines can be seen on the palm near the Mount of Mercury in the form of vertical Lines over the Marriage line. Infect, these lines are as thin as hair and it is not possible to decipher them with the naked eyes.

These vertical lines may be above, below, or actually cross the marriage line, and are believed to represent the number of children a woman may have if she chooses. Strong lines are said to represent boys, while finer, weaker lines are said to represent girls.

According to the palmistry it has found that these lines do appear to suggest that children will feature in the life in some way or another. A teacher, with or without children of her own, may have many of these lines. So also might a woman who, though not having children herself, finds she spends much time with children, perhaps nieces, nephew’s, etc. 

There is an element of uncertainty with regard to lines of Marriage and Children due to changing concepts in modern times. The lines may indicate just relationships instead of marriage and pets instead of children.