Line on Bracelet: Palmistry Readings 

In the science of Palmistry, the horizontal lines appears on the wrist area are called the line on Bracelet. These lines on bracelet are the strong indicators of good Health, WealthHonors and Respect in society. 

Line on Bracelet - Palmistry Hand ReadingLines on Bracelet in palm reading is another most common practice, mostly a person will have two or three lines on bracelet. Although, some people have only one bracelet line, and having four or more is lines on the bracelet is possible.

More bracelet lines indicate a longer life; broken bracelets indicate ill health and difficulties in the whole life force of that individual.

If a bracelet line starts from the wrist and goes up, then the person gets all his wishes fulfilled in his life time. If any line stars from the wrist leads to the Mount of Moon, then the person goes abroad many times.

If these lines are found the be broken, and in many pieces then, it seems that the person faces many difficulties. Contrary to it, if these lines are faultless, and prominent, then the person has better chances of rise of fate.

If the bracelet lines are chained, than it indicates continues difficulties in his or her whole life. According to the study of palmistry the more prominent and faultless the bracelet lines are the better it would be for that person.

As per the deep study of palmistry, it is really essential for the palm reader to analyse the every type of handfingersthumbs, lines, and other signs & symbols found on the palm, then only it would be possible to prepare the personal palm reading report of any individual. 

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