Palmistry Hand, Fingers & Thumb

In reading palms, fingers look to see if they are short-length or long-length, which is not always easy, when you are just starting to measure, but a little practice will always enable you to assess at a glance to measure the finger's length.

Fingers are considered long, if they can turn back, and there are at least seven or eight touch point along the way the palm. Unfortunately, there are exceptions, as some people have a very flexible, while others are very stiff.

Oblong palms can have long fingers, palms down only half reach, because of their own hands very long. With experience, you can see a person's palm and instantly know if their fingers are long or short.

When you first learn to find a finger of the hand, it seems to be neither long nor short the question came. Fortunately, in this case you will be covered as well.

A Combination of Hands, Fingers And Thumb:

1. Long Fingers: If the fingers are really long, the person always pays attention to details, and you can say: “You enjoy complex work ever. 

You’re patient and always enjoy all the fiddly bits – you will like the details in every things. Your work would be very consuming and gratifying. If it’s too simple you lose all interest very quickly.”

2. Short Fingers: If you find someone with really short fingers than it is almost the opposite, because they will be more interested towards the broad strokes rather than the details, and they will not have much patience.

3. Medium Length Fingers:  This is naturally, if someone with fingers that are neither too long nor too short will fall into a middle length finger's category. 

Than you might say, they can be some times very patient. However, at other times they are inclined to jump first and think about everything later. 

If something really interests them, they want to get right down to the bottom of it, and again work it all out.

There are four possibilities to look at the Hand and Fingers:

1. Square hands with short fingers category
2. Square hands with long fingers category
3. Oblong hands with short fingers category
4. Oblong hands with long fingers category

This is the popular classification used in famous Chinese palmistry.Which comes from monumental book, The Book of the Hand by Fred Getting. 

The four types hands are named after the four elements of the ancients palmistry:

Four elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water

Fire, Earth, Air and Water. These relate very well to the descriptions of the Fire, Earth, Air and Water signs of astrology, but it does not necessarily mean that a Sagittarius (a Fire sign), would have a Fire hand. 

You’ll find people with all four types of hands in every sign of the Zodiac.

1. Fire Hands:  Fire is always hot, full of energy and constantly moving, which can provide gentle heat, but sometimes can also burn and it needs careful handling. 

A Fire hand oblong with short fingers is likely to be emotional, enthusiastic and creative. Short fingers mean a dislike for detail and the long palm adds intuition. 

For someone with a hand like this you might say:

“They have a great mind, full of wonderful ideas. These ideas excite them. Their enthusiasm may not last for long, but it’s extremely important to them at the any time. 

Their emotions can be a bit hard to handle at times, but they experience life to the fullest. 

Details are not their strong point and they tend to prefer the overall picture to the fiddly bits. they are likely to be creative and need to be busy to be happy.”

2. Earth Hands Earth is dry, and solid part of our planet. Earth is timeless and expresses stability, everything that happens on earth is subject to the natural rhythms like germination, growth, and death. Below earth's surface all sorts of changes are constantly occurring. 

The Earth hand is like the practical hand, consisting of a square palm and short fingers.

People with earth hands are reliable, down-to-earth and practical in nature. They enjoy repetitive work and they are always good with their hands. 

They enjoy rhythm, they are conservative, reserved and possessive. However, like earth itself, they can also react violently if something is necessary.

For someone with hand like this you might say:

They are a hard worker, they always enjoys physical challenges and their hands can think for themselves. they can be stubborn sometimes, and they do not easily change their mind for anyone. 

They enjoys rhythm and movement, they are not usually good with details, unless they are making something. 

They probably prefer working outdoors, doing something practical. They’re always reliable, honest and somewhat reserved.

3. Air Hands: Air is always essential for life. Air is also essential for communications, as it carries sound waves. Air is essential for birds and flying insects, because it enable them in fast moving and keeps active.

The Air hand always consists of a square palm and long fingers, which enables these people to use logic more than intuition. 

These people are quick-witted and express themselves clearly. They always enjoy communicating with others and often have careers that utilise their skills. 

Their strong emphasis on logic, these people tend to distrust emotions, both their own and other people’s.

For someone with Air hand you might say:

They are intelligent, clear-thinking and discriminating. Their relationships are important to them, but they sometimes find logic getting in the way of their feelings. 

They are reliable and like to do everything completely. They are a stimulating companion and life is never dull when they are around.

4. Water Hands: If you think about it, water is essentially still. Other forces have to act upon it to make it change. It is also shapeless as it simply moves to fill up whatever space is available.

The Moon (Luna) has a strong influence on water element, creating the water tides in oceans. The Water hand always consists of an oblong palm with long fingers. 

It is sometimes called the intuitive hand, as these people are extremely aware and receptive. People with water hand type are changeable, impressionable and emotional. 

They are idealistic and highly imaginative.

To someone with water hands type, you may say:

They have an extremely rich inner life. Their imagination is keen and they fantasise just about everything. they can be influenced by others, so they are flexible with their own ideas. 

Their intuitions are always strong. They are emotional because if they're interested in someone, they love spending time with them. 

They also need time by their self to reflect on their own life. They are happiest inside the right relationship with someone to depend and rely upon.


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