Palmistry is a popular practice for telling fortunes from the palm lines, marks, and palm patterns on the hands. It is also called as palm-reading, chiromancy, chirology, or hand-analysis. 

Palmistry originated in India, and said to be practiced by many Brahmins of old Ancient India, which can be regarded as a part of vedic Astrology. Palmistry practice records are also available in the China, Tibet, Persia, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Ancient Greece countries.

The most famous practitioner of palmistry in modern times was Cheiro. He wrote a number of valuable palmistry related books. Palmistry is always based on reading the Palm lines on the hand of any person. Any palmists can say that by reading the lines of any person’s hand, it is quite possible to tell anything about the persons past, present and future as well. Palmists say that by analysing the positioning of the lines in the hand, which is a key to determining the subjects of past, present, and future. 

The basics of modern Palmistry are said to be quite simple and opposed to be the popular belief that it is something super mysterious. The fleshy part of antibody's hand and the structure of the hand's fingers reveal a lot of things about the subject. Palmists always claims that predictions through Palmistry has accurate scientific basis, even though the scientists worldwide have their own opinion regarding palmistry hand reading. 

The scientists always claims that Palm reading does not have any scientific basis. According to the Palm readers, the dominant hand of any person reveals the current and future trends of his or her life. On the other hand, the passive hand always reveals the person’s childhood. Many Palmists see a definite pattern in the palm lines on the hand, which have been classified into Life line, fate line, heart line, head line etc. Each of these lines interprets different aspects of any ones life.

In this modern age of cutthroat hard competition, many people seems to have become more and more dependant on things which are beyond their normal powers. Palmistry is now gaining popularity even among the modern western countries as well. This is because human beings are now becoming more concerned about their future concerns than ever before. 

Palmistry is very popular in Indian country, where It is a part of the everyday life for many Indian peoples. Life is unthinkable for them without Palmistry reading. They always consult their Palmist for almost every important activity of their lives. For many special occasions like getting marriage, setting up of a new business, or birth of a child, or starting a new profession, a visit to a Palmist has become a must for them. 

A palmist examines their hand carefully and advice their clients about their next important activity. The palmists always says that there is a common relationship between the palm lines, the planetary motions, and anyone life.


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