Palm of a Sea-Sailor - Palmistry Hand ReadingPalm of a Sea-Sailor - Palmistry Hand Reading

According to many Palmist around the world  those person who serves on water, works on ship or drives a boat, or any business he serves on water are meant has sea sailor.
In Palmistry, if a person has a full length hand and has a fully developed mount of Moon, and from this mount of Moon, a line goes towards the Sun, plus the fate line and head line are fully developed, then that man will be sure to be a chief of the Naval staff. Or he would be a extremely successful person with any business related moraine.
Suppose if the mount of Moon is less developed or the Moon line is weak and rest all the characteristics are present there on the palm then, he would hold a high post in the Navy.
If the mount of the Moon is completely less developed and the fate line is weak, then he would just become a boatman or a sailor.
Hence is required by a palmist to clearly observe all the characteristics on the palm before reading any palm. 

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