Hand of an Artist - Palmistry ReadingPalm of an Artist - Palm Reading

As per the study of palmistry, if palm of a person have full length, and are without knots, and even his fingers have slope, and the tops of the fingers are sharp, then that person is said to be a born artist.

It is also said by many palm reading experts, that palm of an artist, along with the above characteristic, if the mount of moon is developed, then the person is considered to be one of the best of the artists. 

If the mount of mercury is also developed and the line of mercury is in full length and faultlessly enlarged, then the person ultimately becomes one of a successful musician. 

Along with the above characteristics, if the mount of venus   is fully developed and it has an enlarged region on the palm, then the person shows a sign of becoming a successful and famous dancer.

Together with all this, if the fate line of a person and the line of Sun on a palm are clear, deep, and reddish in colour then that person will most likely to become more successful, popular, and famous in his artistic filed.

Those are some of the main characteristic of palm of an artists in the filed of art, music, dance, or any other artistic filed the person belongs to and be successful every endeavour.  


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