Lines of Venus - Palmistry Line

Lines of Venus - Palmistry Line Reading:-

According to the palmistry study, lines of Venus are not generally considered good. these lines are perpendicular and horizontal lines found on the mount of Venus and are called the lines of Venus. 
It is to be remembered in this connection that those lines which start from the thumb and move towards the health lines, are to be called the lines of Venus.
If these lines are deep, clear and faultless, then they help in giving positive results. Contrary to it, if these lines are broken, weak and indifferent, then the person has to face many difficulties in his life. His rise of fate is delayed and he faces blame in the society.
it is very hard for those individuals to get success and name in there society due to this line. hence this line should be properly observed with clear eye by any palmist while looking at others signs on the palm. as it tells lot about any individuals life.


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