Line Of Accidents in Palmistry: 

Line Of Accident in Palmistry
I have observed many hands where these lines are formed. which indicates uncertain accidents in life of any individual who have these lines. the lines which originates from the Mount of Saturn and cross the head line are called the lines of accident.
According to the deep study the sign of cross indicates accident. if the cross is on the mount of Jupiter, than it gives good result and improves the fate. 
Any Cross on the mount of Saturn, indicates death in an accident. if there is a cross on the mount of Mars, the person dies in a battlefield. If there is a cross on the mount Of Sun, than he will die because of unfaithfulness. cross on the Mount of Mercury indicates that the incumbent will die in an accident due to a fast speeding vehicle. 
Any cross on the mount of Moon indicates that the person will die due to drowning. 
If there is a Cross on the head line then the person becomes insane, and any cross on the  heart line indicates that the person will lead a widowed life. generally a cross is not considered fruitful in palmistry except on the mount of Jupiter. hence while studying any palm a palmist need to observe these cross clearly.


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