Line of Friends & Palmistry

Line of Friends & Palmistry - How to Analyse Hands:-

This is true that life is partly what we make it, and partly made by the friends we choose around. according to the palmistry it easy to explore the information about any individual friends profile. we can observe there are some perpendicular lines on the phalanges of the fingers, These are indicative of friends. If there are no perpendicular lines on the phalanges of fingers, then it should be assumed that the person loves loneliness and has practically no support from any friends.

The prominence and faultlessness of these lines is related to the sinverty of friends. Contrary to it, if these lines are weak then the person does not get cooperation from any friends. Instead his friends cheats him.

Horizontal lines on the phages of fingers indicates foes. If these lines are prominent and clear then the foes will be strong. Contrary to it, if these lines are weak, he will be able to dominate his foes.

If the index finger has perpendicular line, it indicates friends in service. in the same way, the horizontal lines on the index finger indicates foes in service.

Perpendicular lines on the finger of Saturn indicates Artist friends while the horizontal lines indicates faithless friends.

Perpendicular lines on the finger of Apollo indicates friendship with high standard friends whereas the horizontal lines indicates high official enemy.

Perpendicular lines on the little finger indicates business friends whereas horizontal lines indicates that the business friends will cheat.

According to the study of the palmistry these lines should be studied carefully before giving any report.


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