Sign of Net on Hand - Palmistry Reading

Sign of Net on Hand - Palmistry Reading 

You may have observed sign of nets on some hands. Any signs of net are really not considered as beneficial sign for any person, as it indicates difficulties, sufferings, dissatisfied life and illness. There are many bad indications of Nets.If it is present on the region of Jupiter, then it shows cruelty, selfish and proud nature of that native. 
Net on the mount of Saturn, then the person will be lazy, and may suffer ill fame due to his miserly habits. 
If sometime you find Net on the mount of Sun, than it gives ill-fame repeatedly to the native. 
If Net is on the mount of Mercury, then it is an indication of repeatedly fall and many difficulties in business for the native.
Any sign of Net on the mount of Moon indicates that the native will be of fickle minded and remains in unsatisfied life. If Net is present on the region of Bracelets, than it is surely an indication of great downfall for that native.
Hence according to many palmists around the world any Sign of Net present anywhere on the palm is considered unfavorable.

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