Sign of Cross - Palmistry Reading

Sign of Cross - Palmistry Reading 

In Palmistry any sign of cross on any other mount excepting that of Jupiter, then the mounts indicates opposite results. And gives negative impact on person’s life his personal, social, financial and spiritual parts get affected. 

If there is a cross over the region of Jupiter, then the man leads a happy and joyful life. He does work after a lot of consideration. His wife is educated, he gets wealth from his in-laws his domestic life is happy and peaceful. 

If there is a cross on the mount of Saturn, the incumbent gets bodily injuries in fights and quarrel, such a man has a premature death. Sometime when a cross is found on the region of sun, then the person will face too much ill-fame in society. He faces difficulty in the business and his fortune never assists him in his life. 

If you find any cross on the Mount of Mercury, then the person will be a great cheat, and such a person can never be believed upon. Cross on the mount of the Moon, indicates mental illness of a person.

Cross on the region of Venus indicates unsuccessful love affair and involvement of that person in notorious jobs. Cross mark on the mount of Mars indicates that imprisonment, quarrelsome behavior and suicidal case.

If you find cross on the marriage line, than it indicates that, the person will not get married, if gets married than, he does not be able to enjoy the prosperity of married life.  Sign of cross on the health line, is also not a good indication as the life, of that person will be ill and may face many physical issues.

Cross on the fate line, indicates a very ordinary life. Cross mark on the Sun line, it indicates hindrance in the progress of that person. Cross on the life line of any individual, indicates heart disease, which sometimes makes suffer from heart attack. Even suffers death, like misery at that particular age. 

If you find any sign of cross on the head line, than it shows that, the person will face mental diseases and become in insane at the end. Hence any sort of cross, may be small or big, wide or narrow is very special and it has got certain importance. And a palmist should observe these lines very carefully. 


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