Palmistry: well, as a Palmist and as a Human Being, the most special creation in this whole universe. i really have deep interest in Palm reading and during my reading i have seen many hands, each hand tells its own story and for any palmist its really not tough to look in to an individuals past or future just by reading lines and signs on the palm. these ancient science developed by many people around the world. these science basically got developed by India. in today's technological world people are getting more interest and trust on these ancient science for healing there poor life. or planning their future with the help of Astrologer or palmist.
infect in our olden days many great peoples use to get healing through there astrologer or palmist.

In astrology time and date of birth is required to get knowledge about an individuals life, or to decide which horoscope sign he belongs to. but in palmistry it is very clear for an palmist to get all the information about an individuals past as well as present life through reading the lines on any individuals palm. in palmistry every finger and lines belongs to a Planet and the benefit or loss an individual can get through them depends on his/her lines or the mounts on the palm.
in palmistry our line on our palm and the condition of different planets mount plays a very special role.

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