Gemini the Twins (May 22 to June 21)
Element: Air  
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Symbol : The Twins
Quality: Mutable
Mode: Thoughts
Lucky Color: Green
Lucky Stones: Emerald, Green Onyx
Strength: Energetic, Clever, Imaginative, Witty, Adaptable
Weakness: Superficial, Impulsive, Restless, Devious, Indecisive
Opposite Sign: Sagittarius
Harmonious Relationship With: Cancer, Leo, Libra, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Aquarius
Difficult Relationship with: Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo
Turbulent relationship with: Scorpio, Capricorn
Gemini Is the third Sign of Zodiac which is symbolized as the Twins and get Ruled by the Planet Mercury

Gemini is a dual sign, traditionally representing all forms of duality such as light and dark, positive and negative, quiet and talkative. they are generous signs with tendencies of being affectionate, and imaginative. 

There is nothing constant about Gemini and least of all opinions, they change as frequently as the Gemini girls change their clothes. Believe me, this is not an exaggeration. Gemini is good with multitasking,  their charisma and accomplishments are infectious. 

Gemini ans are very supportive, and are especially good at promotions, sales, and driving hard bargains. they are very interesting sign in zodiac list.

Gemini the Twins (May 22 to June 21)

Gemini also know as the Twins born between May 22 to June 21 in Zodiac calander.

Geminis people can always be contradictory type people with dualities in their nature that can always suprise their friends, families and loved ones.

They always love versatility and changes in their life. They  can be somtimes flighty and mutable to create interest in their lives.

They do not like routines, because Decisionmaking tasks can be difficult for them as they often change their minds and their decisions.

Gemini peoples are very kind, affectionate and generous in nature, so long as it doesn’t impact their own lives too much and comfort systems.

They have really a strong intellect and they love mental challenges too. They always catch on to new ideas quickly because they have a great analytical side, which makes them to see both sides to any issue.

If you’re born under Gemini sign, than you have some interesting company in your birth sign. Boredom is a big issue for Gemini peoples and they can get into trouble while looking for some excitement.

They are very creative and active by nature, and they should have outlets for all their energy like artistic projects or exercise or any vigorous sports like racquetball.

They always look for new and interesting experiences, because they can tend to overindulge in food or drink or night life and club-hopping.

Gemini people need to remember leran and to pace themselves, otherwise they could risk burning themselves out too early in their life.


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