Ring Of Solomon(Ring of Jupiter) : The line encircling the root of the index finger and is semicircle and also encircles the mount of Jupiter. The one end of the ring goes out side the palm and the other end of which lies between the index finger and the finger of the Saturn. Such a ring is called the Ring of the Jupiter or the Ring of Solomon. 

The person having the ring of Jupiter is found to be quite sober and generous. But such persons are found to be highly ambitious. He achieves great success in the field of education. But such kind and generous individuals has one shortcoming, which sometimes prove detrimental in his way of life. Such individuals always like to keep an air of wealth around him. He also likes useless pomp and as a result his style of living is extravagant. 
Hence he spent more than his earning. Such persons have a bad habit to try to get maximum benefit from minimum labor but they fail in their efforts. It leads to frustration in their later life. 
Hence the persons with the ring of Jupiter are found to suffer from frustration and disappointment in the final stage of their life. 


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